Win The Race – By Staying In One Place! by Len Clements

The phenomenon, called geometric progression or “momentum”, does exist, and with commitment it can occur within your own personal downline much like it does for a company. One of the saddest things I see happening in this industry is the huge…

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A couple of years ago we wrote and published our first ebook
If you are getting lots of interest, try interviewing instead of selling the opportunity. This
Multiple skills give you something to fall back on and having a business you gain
Most people who choose not to join you do so for two basic reasons... Leapfrogging is
Here is what can happen if you are not paying close attention - I am convinced
Len Clements

Len Clements

Len Clements has spent over 22 years researching and analyzing all aspects of MLM. He is a legally recognized expert in MLM, and a professional speaker, trainer, and corporate consultant. He is the author of the controversial book "Inside Network Marketing" as well as the cassette tapes "Case Closed!" and "The Coming Network Marketing Boom." For more information, visit
Len Clements
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