Women in Network Marketing: Does it quack like a pyramid? by Kim Klaver

Who gets the Pyramid Quack award? Kim shares how to answer an age old question! On our conference call the other day, people wondered how to talk and act so that people would stop asking “Is this a pyramid/one of those…

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And a child shall lead you... There once was a man who took it upon himself
The leadership role in network marketing and life Leadership is the #1 skill that you
Your answers to this list may be enough to help you make a quantum leap
Before I explain, let’s try and grasp this whole CUSTOMER concept…it’s NOT ABOUT YOU! “Sorry, but
The ability for the network marketing dream to come true relies on being able to
Kim Klaver

Kim Klaver

A Harvard, Stanford & MIT person, Kim became a network marketing industry superstar. Her live events are standing room only shows to entertain, delight and offer alternative techniques to find those elusive, 'right' ones for the business.

Kim Klaver (also know by her stage name Ms. Stud), is the Mastermind behind BananaMarketing.com (formerly MLM911.com) and is the author of all the books, tapes, tips and articles you will find on that site. Kim travels all over the US entertaining and motivating the troops, "New, New MLMers", with her radical tips and no hype techniques.

Kim's book, If My Product's So Great How Come I Can't Sell It? is truly a must read. You can have a free 23-page introduction and learn how to purchase the book at her website with our affiliate link, here: BananaMarketing.com. (It's down on the right.)

John Fogg wrote this about Kim and her book:

"Nothing I know of will make more of a profound and profitable difference, faster- in your business and for your people's business- than learning what Kim will teach you about presenting your products the "right" way to the "right" people. Once you know THAT, you will be more successful than you've ever been before- ever!" Kim's message is both Powerful and Immediately Profitable!"

The website now gets 5 Million hits a month and has been featured in countless magazines, websites and newsletters. You can read her blog here: KimKlaverblogs.com

Kim earned a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Harvard.
Kim Klaver
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