10 principles to take you to the top of your payplan by Margie Aliprandi

Margie_AliprandiFor a distributor to develop their business, they must also grow and develop themselves. After 18 years as a full time networker, I have concluded that for a distributor to develop their business, they must also grow themselves.

In fact, one of the most valuable things that happen in the process of wealth development is who we become.

I am not even remotely the same person that began perusing a network marketing career 18 years ago. As I have worked with hundreds of thousands of people around the world to help them achieve their dreams, I have pinpointed 10 simple principles that, when applied, will take you to the top of your payplan. Fall in love with your products. Become familiar with all of the products offered by your company. NULL  You can’t sell something you don’t believe in, and you can’t believe in a product you haven’t experienced. So your first order of business is to expose yourself to the products your company offers, so that you can develop a passion for them.

Passion moves people to action. It is an attractive quality.

If people fully understand the benefits of the products you offer, through your authentic expression, they will naturally feel moved to experience them for themselves. Replace any products you’re using with products made by your company. A belief in the value of the products you offer is key – because if products are not purchased and consumed regularly, no one will make a dime. Fall in love with network marketing. I am convinced after nearly 2 decades in network marketing that I could never have enjoyed the lifestyle I have provided for my children with any other career. Sometimes as I’m traveling and sitting in first class in my jeans and t-shirts, I see people scrambling through paperwork and pounding away on their computers in business dress. I just smile, quietly knowing that I likely make 5 times the money they do, and I am able to enjoy a lifestyle and freedom that is truly rare.

Fall in love with network marketing, so that when you offer your opportunity to others, you can do so authentically.

Love and serve people. Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. When you are dealing with distributors or prospects, it is clear to them where you are coming from. If you are genuinely interested and want to help them solve a problem or meet a need they have, chances are they will be open and receptive. Conversely, if they hear desperation in your voice and dollar signs in your eyes they may close off. When you take the time to understand what the desires, dreams, challenges, fears or concerns are of those you’re dealing with, your intent will come shining through and open their hearts.

There is just no substitute for genuinely caring for people.

The Power of Decision No one can underestimate the power of decision. The moment you make an unequivocal and non-negotiable decision, literally everything around you moves. When you clarify your intention, everything visible and invisible begins to move in harmony with the things you have decided. Making a decision brings literal power into your business. Daily Action Do something for your business every day. It is powerful to visualize and plan for the things that you want to achieve, but nothing happens until you move into action. It is important that your actions be:

  • Consistent. Random and inconsistent action is not going to produce the results you want.
  • Effective. Organizing papers on your desk, filing them, etc. is not going to create your wealth. For action to be effective in network marketing, it needs to result in the recruitment of new distributors or the sale of products.
  • Create urgency. People tend to duplicate and model what you do, so create a sense of urgency in your business building activities.

Consider this – anything worth doing well is worth doing poorly until you learn how to do it well.

Be willing to start where you are and work from there. And, a saying I particularly like picked up from a distributor in Germany, “It is better to begin with fault than to hesitate perfectly.” Move into action. Be willing to pay the price. This involves something called your “Razors Edge” activity, meaning pushing forward with that one extra effort… one more follow up call, the completion of a task, that little extra effort that equates to going the distance. Your razor’s edge activity is the difference between good and great, and the reward you will get in return is exponentially large. In my early days in network marketing, I had no money to travel to build my business – but I didn’t let that stop me. I would drive from Utah to California, Nevada or Arizona to do meetings with those who requested them. One time I drove to Kentucky. Because I couldn’t afford a hotel room, I would sleep in my car. There are times I wondered if my actions bordered on insanity. But when I look at the world-wide business I created, I realize it was the result of being willing to do whatever it took. Reaping and sowing. Building a network marketing business is very much like planting seeds. If you want to reap a big harvest, you’ve got to plant a lot of seeds. And remember that there is a sowing season and a reaping season – and they are not in the same season.

There is a real possibility that when your reaping season comes, it may not come from where you anticipate.

For example, I think of dozens and dozens of meetings where only a handful of people would show up – or maybe even no one would attend. Then, fifteen years ago I did a meeting in New York, and through the contact of one gentleman in attendance, my business spread throughout all of Eastern Europe. At one point, before the ruble fell, I had 500,000 Russian distributors. That was my lesson in sowing and reaping. You may do a bunch of meetings where no one comes – but be persistent and patient, because one meeting may bring you a nation. Persistence. I believe persistence is king over all other qualities, because it outshines talent and skill. This is the quality where you simply pick yourself up every time you fall, and continue to move towards your desired goal. People sometimes ask, “If there were one single thing that you attribute your success to in network marketing, what would that be?”

I wish I had a fancy answer, but the answer is I simply “stayed.”

I look at some of the most successful people in my downline – how much money they are making now, and think about their former upline who became distracted or disenchanted at some point and left. If they had simply stayed and persisted, they would now be making tens of thousands of dollars a month in residual income. So once you find the company and products you have passion for, once you make a decision to succeed, persist and follow it up with daily action. Personal Growth Make a commitment to your own personal growth. Recognize that there is no one like you. You have a song to sing. If you don’t sing it, no one will. You are unique in every way, and your style of building your business is unique, your ability to touch and change lives is yours alone. Spend time every day developing yourself and realizing the power within you. If you want to create a giant, global business, you must grow to become someone who can lead and inspire large numbers of people. So make your personal growth an ongoing quest. Develop an attitude of Gratitude While being in network marketing clearly implies that we desire to be, do and have more with our lives, it is of primary importance that we experience intense gratitude for all that we are, do and
have right now. Each thought or idea that we hold in our minds has a vibration or frequency to it. There are low frequencies like guilt, shame fear, anger and hatred. And there are higher vibrations like gratitude, optimism, resilience, persistence and love. Either the negative or positive vibrations, when focused on, will bring more of the same into our lives.

If we live with a grateful heart, while holding a vision of where we want to be, we’ll consistently bring more goodness into our lives.



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