14th Anniversary Issue! Don’t Quit! By George Madiou


14th Anniversary Issue!

This month’s theme is about……. Don’t Quit! 

This month’s issue is about… Don’t Quit! How appropriate! This is our 14th Anniversary issue AND the official start of our 15th year!

Early on, it was incredible the encouragement we received but also the naysayers that predicted we wouldn’t see our 1st anniversary. Well, we didn’t start this project to quit, we started it to encourage those (over 200,000 networkers from over 123 countries) who joined us to keep pursuing their dream.

It brings to mind Bob, that first year. He called me up to tell me, after his first 2 weeks in the business, he was going to quit! I told him, “you can’t quit!” He asked, ‘Why?” I told him, “you never STARTED!” 

This photo reminds me of so many network marketers over the years. I can assure you of 3 things,


1. Network Marketing is NOT a scam!

2. I HAVE met many Network Marketing millionaires.

3. I have never met nor even heard of anyone doing it in a week!

The one thing that they ALL had in common is that none of them QUIT!

I have been blessed beyond measure over these past 14 years. The contributors that have shared their wisdom have been the best in the industry. Starting our 15th year, I have been the only one that has read all of these gems. It has been incredible how much I’ve learned as a result. This issue is no exception. The topic of not quitting is crucial for the success of your business.

We all can find reasons to quit. My responsibility for every issue is to review the following month’s issue and articles and to turn on the next month’s issue.

10 days before the first of the month, our server crashed!

I had someone say to me, “you’re going on vacation, is it really important to launch the issue by the first?”

“Yes it is, anything else would be quitting, and I’m not going to break an unbroken chain of 14 years {168 months) of opening a new issue without finding a solution. We didn’t start this project to quit at this point!”

My friends, if success is important to you, as my great friend and mentor Paul Morris says, Press On!

George Madiou
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