15 Years Of Leadership by George Madiou

George Madiou

It seems like only yesterday. We saw a big missing component in the network marketing industry. How could such a significant industry lack direction in guiding its members on the necessary fundamentals of training basic business building principles?

It was October 1st, 2005, we launched The Network Marketing Magazine. Back then we said we were going to support the “orphans” of the industry. It was so easy to join, but to stick it out, that was a different story.

People came in and out of their network marketing business as if the were trying out a new restaurant to dine at. The revolving door in the industry was unlike any other industry I had experienced. People were exposed to a business and many were hooked on the dream of potentially earning BIG money.

The prospect of earning big money is possible, however, if the individual with the dream was not lead properly, their dreams would be crushed and they would be gone sometimes in 60 or 90 days!

We have continued to support those in the industry, over the last decade and a half. We have supported those who were left without the leadership to teach business-building strategies.

We started this journey as an industry publication.

In the last 15 years, The Network Marketing Magazine has had over 200,000 members in all 50 states and 123 countries around the world. We have been blessed to have the most incredible group of over 200 contributors that the industry has to offer. Many have been the legends that have taught the biggest income-earning leaders. Names like Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, and many more.

Jim Rohn
Zig Ziglar


Denis Waitley & George Madiou

With over 3000 articles, audios, and videos, we have become the library of network marketing information, training, and incite for the industry.

In the last 3 years, we realized that we were not in the publication business, we were in the training business.

3 years ago, when a young woman asked me, “do i have to read all 3000 articles to become successful in network marketing?” I realized (and said to her) “goodness no! I’m the only one that needed to read all of those articles, and that’s because I’ the publisher!”

That was the transition of being in the business of network marketing publication to the business of network marketing training.

We realized that a good number of people in our industry were in a state of confusion. Many people were searching for the secret of financial success. New people, as a result of this 2020 pandemic, are entering our industry and looking to find out how to succeed in the new business in their new industry.

We realized that there was a lot of noise in the network marketing training space. So many people label themselves as trainers, but are they qualified? A Google search reveals where the confusion stems from.

When you do a Google search on “network marketing training” the confusing number of 886,000,000 results come up!

Where does someone start to sort through all that confusion? The Network Marketing Magazine is uniquely qualified to be the place to go for the best guidance by the proven leaders and trainers in our industry,

We already had the team and the information assembled over the past 15 years. We culled out the best of the best that was fed by our publication and delivered it in a training called The 27%er Success System.

The 27%er Success System consists of the 6 Foundational topics, in a Road Map For Network Marketing Financial Success.

This road map is delivered in a fun, quick, 15 minute per day pathway, covering all 6 major topics and sub-topics. This is culled from the wisdom of the ages with short video content and teachings.

My 15th Anniversary gift to you, your team, and to the industry (at least the 27% of the industry who are willing to put in a little bit of time to be guided by legends) is a pathway to be guided to financial success in your business. Find out more at www.YesToMySuccess.com/special

Aim High!

George Madiou
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  1. AvatarArthurTugman

    It is such a pleasure to have been with the network marketing magazine from the inception and the 15 years has flown by. I look forward to meeting you in person one day and it is a pleasure to leave you a comment.

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