16 Principles for Making Money in Network Marketing by David Nelson

David NelsonShall we not go on in so great a cause? Let’s MAKE MONEY in NWM! This is such a great topic for The Network Marketing Magazine theme or focus for its July 2007 issue. Making money is the bottom line of NWM. The INDUSTRY of NWM is an opportunity industry. Just like in the franchising industry, the BUSINESS of NWM is to enable participants to make money. Of course, entrepreneurs know making money is the bottom line of BUSINESS.

When properly done, properly promoted and properly provided, the BUSINESS of NWM is awesome.

Professionals in NWM know that many, many people are skeptical, anxious, and/or leery, about NWM and don’t have a lot of respect for it. Even part-time networkers and newcomers quickly learn that many people are not just cynical, but are downright angry, disgusted, and are adversaries to NWM.  NULL Most of us realize that about 95% of the participants in the INDUSTRY are part-time networkers. Most realize that these part-time participants don’t make money. No wonder the INDUSTRY gets its bad rap, has its dubious reputation, and is not generally highly regarded. The astute analyst realizes that so many of those aggressively working in the INDUSTRY have created this challenging environment and the negative attitudes. There is a solution! The BUSINESS of NWM is awesome. It’s the benefits of the BUSINESS that keep me involved. The solution is to advertise, market, sell and prospect in an ethical manner… and importantly, have companies and “heavy hitters” empower the masses to make money. When a large percentage of the part-time contingent is successful in making significant money [no not necessarily “walk the beaches of the world money], but the extra $300 to $1,500 per month they seek, then the bad rap, the poor reputation, the anger and disgust can go away. Huge Need In our economic climate, there is definitely a huge need to provide alternative and extra streams of income. There are so many continuing layoffs and downsizings. There are too many dead-end jobs. To keep up, it requires more hours and at often lower hourly pay. We see fewer managerial opportunities. There is fading and/or eliminated retirement security. So many have seen their retirement programs severely cutback or totally eliminated. There is simply no employment security that was once a hallmark of the American economy. Oh, yes, people need to make money in NWM. But not just the select few “heavy hitters” along with the company owners. Assist in a majority of participants making money and the INDUSTRY reputation changes. People can learn to love and think highly of the BUSINESS. They need an opportunity to make money for current use and for retirement without any “glass ceilings” imposed upon them. We like to speak of no “glass ceilings” in NWM, but impose them upon the part-time participants just the same. Just think of the financial crisis current gasoline prices place on developing an alternative source of income – of making money. And it’s felt more than just at the pump. The impact of more costly consumer goods because of the increased transportation costs is scary. Food prices are taking huge increases. Cost of travel and of required transportation is dramatically rising. The price of durable goods is escalating. There is a multiplication effect that is not positive. Inflation really is hurting people. 16 Principles for Making Money The topic of making money in NWM is pertinent indeed! These 16 principles are written to help the part-time networker be successful in really making money in the BUSINESS. Yes, they are applicable for the full-time networker too. The full-timer should basically use the same principles – he or she obviously spends more time doing the BUSINESS. This article is written for “students” of the BUSINESS. If you have only limited time and are not going to read, ponder and apply all of the principles, then go directly to number 12 and start there. Numbers 12 through 15 are the most important to implement . . . particularly if you are doing the BUSINESS part time, but for this article it’s more logical to start with the ones that precede 12 through 15. #1 – Commitment You must make a commitment to your product, your company, your distributor support team and to NWM. That commitment means that you have a “strong desire to win” [winning in NWM means making money]. You cannot be hesitant.

You must be passionate, energetic, and dynamic in order to attract people to your product, the BUSINESS and to YOU.

Being committed puts you on the “frontline” of prospecting and talking and connecting with people. Being on the frontline of prospecting and then sponsoring drives the bottom line. You must take correct actions in order to drive the bottom line upward. Part of the commitment must be to tap into a group of committed team members – committed peer-group distributors of like mind. The synergy that comes from the association is critical to your success. It’s an alliance; it’s a support group; it’s more than just an upline or one mentor. #2 – Results Oriented We should discuss the importance of goals and dreams… and they are important. “Results oriented” means that the goals and dreams provide you the energy to be persistent, determined to pay the price required to make money. The price? Of course there is a cost, an investment, a price to pay. But don’t sell yourself short by making the goal or result something other than monetary gain.

Making money is the measuring stick. That is the purpose of doing the BUSINESS of NWM.

That is the desired result, so you can in fact live your goals and dreams.

Think BIG! Dream BIG! Act BIG! Be BIG! Produce BIG!

If you haven’t been financially successful in the past, don’t dwell on the past. Learn from it. Don’t duplicate it. If you have made mistakes, please, don’t continue making the same mistakes. If you haven’t made money in the past and these principles seem to be providing a different slant to the BUSINESS, you need to ponder them and apply them. If your previous and/or current mentors have not helped you make money, you need to evaluate and take corrective action. You simply cannot keep doing the same things that have NOT produced income for you and expect the results to be different. Your orientation for results must be toward the bottom line. #3 – Personal Development The most productive people are learning all of their lives. Personal development is critical to success in NWM, but is not the bottom line. Don’t justify your involvement in the BUSINESS by thinking of the personal development you are making. The reason you need to engage in personal development is to enhance and increase your skills, talents and capabilities for making money. Most likely you already have many unique abilities and skills that you must hone toward doing NWM. Bring all of your “core competencies” and learn a few more that you direct toward the BUSINESS of NWM… and make money. Your personal development must develop a NWM expertise in you. Yes, you must become an expert. You can! You must become a mentor. You can. Remember this is a BUSINESS of leverage and duplication. Direct your personal development time towards rapport-building and relationship-building skills. Learn the art, science and skills of prospecting and connecting with people. Learn, then practice and role play. Gain experience and increased skills with “on the job” training. That means you jump in and do the real thing; you don’t just think about it and talk about it. Bring all the discipline you can muster to your BUSINESS to put the principles and skills that you le
arn into actual practice. It is not personal development to just learn them and never use them to product results! # 4 – Personal Ambition I love the concept of being proactive. To be proactive means to take initiative and responsibility to produce desired results. There’s that results orientation again. What results? Obviously the results of making money. Your personal ambition, your personal proactivity is required because NWM is not a spectator sport! You don’t make money in NWM by just watching, or just listening to others do the BUISNESS.


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