17 years! What A Ride! by George Madiou

Wow, a lot has happened in technology in the last 17 years!

> YouTube was founded

> Apple introduced the Mac Mini

> Google Maps was launched

> Adobe Photoshop was released

> Microsoft Windows XP was released

> October 2005 The Network Marketing Magazine launched to support network marketers worldwide!

17 Years ago, we started the mission to support our profession through the training and education of those who were looking to learn the skill set to create a financially successful home-based business. Many members entering had never owned a business. We saw a huge need to support these individuals in business building fundamentals. We brought together experts in leadership, prospecting, team building, sales training and also listening!

Over the last 17 years we compiled a team of over 300 experts to author one of the very best complete worldwide network marketing educational resource of over 1800 articles. This team has one thing in common, to help those who are willing to do the work it takes to succeed!

There is so much valuable guidance here that this resource contains a search feature on the home page of all 204 monthly issues to go straight to the articles of the subjects that you are interested in. It has become an international resource with the ability in turning all 3800 articles instantly into any one of over 120 different languages!

Our latest project this year has been able to team up with companies and large leaders to offer what we call The Co-Branded edition of The Network Marketing Magazine! This becomes a monthly “Newsletter” at the first 4 articles of each month’s edition when their co-branded edition starts. These 4 articles are the, *Message From The Leader or Owner * Message From The Marketing Expert *Message From A Product Expert and *A Recognition Section. Members of this edition also receives every issue since October 2005!

I want to thank each and everyone of you for partisapating in this wonderful project that we call The Network Marketing Magazine!

George Madiou
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