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George Madiou, the publisher and founder of the magazine, has been creating a movement in the industry for those who want to use the proven secrets to build a very successful business.  This movement is called the 27%er Annual Success Membership.  This membership is for those people in our industry that have a desire to succeed in a big way and want to be taught by the best in our industry (See how he explains the 27%er in a recent article he wrote in the link at the bottom of this email)


This membership is for winners who want to learn from those successful leaders and teachers, who have succeeded themselves. This is also for those who want to follow proven systems, and are also willing to help those 27%ers in their organization to do the same, creating an extremely solid and prosperous team!


The investment in yourself for the ANNUAL 27%er Success Membership is $97 and it includes:

  • Access to the present issue and the entire success archive from the past 11 years.
  • Access to The best of the best of the almost 3,000 articles in a format by subject matter to become competent in each subject.
  • Access to special trainings offered by the exclusive team of 27%er Trainers and Leaders.


  • Annual 27% Members will receive trainings by great teachers and leaders like…
    • Denis Waitley
    • Dale Calvert
    • Tom “Big Al” Scheriter
    • Coach Steve Dailey
    • Max Steingart
    • Elizabeth Harrington
    • Paul Morris
    • And More…….

George then indicated, as a special YEAR END BONUS that he would extend your membership for a second year of the annual membership!  That’s how much he believes in what The Network Marketing Magazine 27%er annual Success Membership will help all of us!


Then George said that as an additional bonus, to make this a no brainer decision for my people who are serious about growing a successful and profitable business NOW, he would include one of THE BEST lead generation programs by a great member of our teaching staff, Max Steingart, Endless Free Leads. (George sells Max’s program in their store for $397!)

Learn about this valuable BONUS in the 18 minute video from Max below……


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So let’s recap this incredible business building offer.  Sign up for the ANNUAL 27%er Success Membership for $97 and you will receive a second year for free AND George will include Max’s Endless Free Leads program FOR FREE.


Invest in yourself and your business for $97 AND receive almost $500 in bonuses!


How often do you have an opportunity to invest $97 and get $591 in value in return, Talk about Return On Investment!


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To your success!

Gigi Held

Executive Assistant

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George Madiou’s latest article on The 27%er Annual Success Membership

So what is this 27% annual success membership all about? By George Madiou



Listen to Max describing the benefits of this great program in a short 18 minute video



In order to get our team’s extra bonus enter Gigi  in the Referral Code

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