2020 – The Year for Acceleration  Actions to Take to Make for Success This Year By David J Dunworth

 2020 – The Year for Acceleration

 Actions to Take to Make for Success This Year


As the year has just ended, and a new decade begins, 2020 is definitely holding promise and pretense for us all. Many, many entrepreneurs fall into the self-deluding trap of believing that the world is their oyster, and that nothing can get in their way of achieving, even over-achieving their goals.

However, if they have written, objective and realistic goals, they stand a much better chance than those who only fool themselves into believing that all will be well if they sit in a corner and “manifest” wealth and success.

It just doesn’t work that way, no matter how much of the Woo Woo Kool-Aid you drink.

In order to have a well-planned and executable strategy for the New Year is to ensure the plan is flexible yet accountable, contain reasonable and achievable milestones, and that metrics and analysis is a routine part of the sales and marketing campaigns.

Other biggies include ongoing training, mentoring and coaching. Leadership and their teams all need the triad of good management in order to actually drive the plan to meet its objectives.

It’s really no surprise that the leading firms in any niche dominate it so is because they take training, coaching and mentoring seriously. There is no such thing as a cavalier approach in high-impact firms.

It’s fairly typical for the leading 20%-25% of the sales force in large companies to perform routine mentoring and sales training, as well as analysis and reporting.  If your organization is not working along these lines, you need executive leadership to champion a coaching culture to drive better sales performance and profitability for the entire organization, not just the sales department.

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EQ – It’s more than controlling emotions

An individual’ emotional quotient is one of the most important aspects of team development and performance. Not everyone possesses a high EQ – there are a million reasons why, but they usually stem from childhood or socio-economic disadvantages. That’s just one of dozens of theories, so don’t think that just because someone grew up in foster care doesn’t have the emotional intelligence a silver spoon individual might have. To sum it up easily, it depends.

Graphic image courtesy of: Emotional Intelligence

A long-standing no-no in open discussion is mental illness. In our society for some reason no one is comfortable about discussing one of the largest concerns in the world today – mental health.  That taboo is out of the box and it needs to be discussed openly so that leadership knows how to deal with challenges that pop up from time to time. They need to know how to handle the discussion, and the professional and personal lives of those they manage.

Salespeople may sound like an exciting career, especially when big-bucks are at stake. Mind you, those in the trenches don’t feel it is all that glamorous when the “dialing for dollars” part of their job piles on the stress of the day, every day. Imagine handling rejection day in -day out.  Not fun.  I know of no one that looks forward to hearing the word NO a couple dozen times per day (or more).

In days gone by sales managers used to try to sell the “you’re that much closer to a yes” crap, knowing full well that it is not just a numbers game. 

Many people in many fields beat the numbers game constantly because it is about having the right demeanor, being able to deliver the value proposition better than their peers.

As the New Year presents opportunities why not take an inventory of your emotional quotient and see where you fit in along the emotional topics. A great place to begin to study yourself and how EQ is tied to performance you can click here to learn quite a bit more.

Here’s Wishing You a Very Happy New Year and a Fantastic First Quarter!

David J Dunworth is the Chief Experiences Officer at Marketing Partners and its Family of Brands. David is a master copywriter, international speaker and author, and magnetic marketing advisor and can be contacted at david@marketingpartnersllc.com

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