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Let’s face it.  You’ve heard this before:  “Attitude is everything.”

“It’s not what happens to you that matters; it’s how your mind looks at what happens.”  Life is about ‘attitude’.  Hey, I know what it’s like to work hard, to seek results, and end up empty-handed.  I know what a salesperson might be feeling when I am pressured to make a decision only to respond with, “No, I’m just not interested.” 

             From where I sit, it’s getting increasingly more difficult to maintain a positive attitude.  Traffic is stressful.  Responsible customer service rarely occurs.  People are overworked and struggling financially.  It’s becoming very difficult for individuals to maintain a balanced lifestyle. 

There are so many pluses in developing a networking marketing business that makes it a viable, rewarding, and worthwhile choice especially during challenging times.  So, why are some marketers more successful than others?  Why do colleagues seem to close sales with ease while others struggle? 

Might one reason be (and likely many more) that success works hand in hand with attitude?  When an individual feels strong and healthy, represents something they truly believe in, beyond financial reward, and views effort from a win-win perspective, I believe attitude plays a key role in the outcome. 

Attitude is an inside job. 

It’s how you respond to conditions that are out of your control.  The challenge for most of us, including myself, is how to prevent external situations from impacting one’s attitude.  Being and remaining positive requires effort.  It’s a decision.  It’s telling yourself that no matter what is going on – a sales effort that doesn’t work out – a no show for a pre-scheduled appointment  – effort without anticipated results – you continue to focus on your goals and remain positive.  We know the drill:  ‘Next’.  ‘Next’ – There is always a next time, a next connection – a successful closure. 

             Might I suggest that for one solid week with absolutely no excuses, regardless of what happens, you commit to sailing through each day past any of life’s annoyances?  Whether it’s a delivery that doesn’t arrive, an unresponsive potential customer, or familiar excuses, nothing and I mean nothing is going to disturb your inner peace and mental toughness. 

Repeat after me:  I am going to maintain a positive mental attitude

Network marketing has proven to be a wonderful way to meet and engage with others.  It’s a great concept for lasting relationships and financial well-being.  Your attitude will always be one of the surest ways you have to meet the business demands, reach your goals, and feel fulfilled.  It’s all about focus.  It will always be about attitude.  Will you join me in a one-week experiment and experience?  Excuses are not an option. 

I welcome your feedback.  All the best always and in always,  Bonnie [email protected]

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