27%er Special Success Program Promotion

Welcome to our 27%er Business Success Offer

We are offering 2 great options to get anyone to a higher level of Financial Freedom, Time Freedom and Family and Fun time, by bringing their business to an all new level.

We are offering 2 options, both using the best trainers in our industry. The first is a brand new monthly option and the second is below it (described at the second part of this page)

How would you like to learn the secrets and the skill sets from the very best?

Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Dale Calvert, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, Denis Waitley, Max Steingart and dozens of other experts in every area of network marketing. Any one of these experts can skyrocket business success, but you get them all as part of our success program.

Great Option #1 – 27%er monthly success membership

Here are the details for The Network Marketing Magazine business building membership, called the 27%er monthly success membership. We have teamed up with the best of the best for over the last 12 years. We are dedicated to improve the success rate of network marketers who are serious about doing what it takes and employing the proven systems and implementing the trainings by the industries experts.

  • The purpose of this membership is to help with business success training. Our ongoing monthly training programs are designed to enhance success skills and knowledge for members that are looking for methods to grow their business.

  • These monthly bonuses, that are valued in our store, at between $50 and $150 are included each month and they are invaluable for the growth of your business.

  • These training bonuses will be available to our members all for the incredible membership fee to the magazine of $27 a month!

  • Members will also receive full access to the over 12 years of The Network Marketing archives with over 3,000 articles, audios and videos by the who’s who of the network marketing industry, and will include the training of how to use the magazine to grow their business.

To help make joining our program a no-brainer, this monthly membership is …..

Only $27/month

  • To make this a “No Brainer” decision the first month is going to be 97¢ for you to “Try Us Out”

  • Plus the following 2 bonuses are included whether you stay with this membership or not, as our gift to you (we are certain you will stay and tell your entire team while this offer is available. You will stay on, when you see the immediate business building benefits, information, tips and trainings that you will be able to implement right away.) Start My Membership Now For 97₵ !

  • Plus you will receive the very valuable Lead Generation Training System using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with Max Steingart’s Endless Free Leads (we sell this program in our store for $397!) This program will teach how to find customers and business partners from the first day!

  • PLUS as a new member you will also receive, as a bonus, for that 97¢ initial monthly sign up, one of the best business building programs in the industry by Dale Calvert called A to Z in Network Marketing. We sell this program in our store for $497! Dale has created more 5 – 6 and 7 figure income earners in network marketing than anyone else in the industry using this 18 month training.


So if I asked someone to give me a dollar and I would give them $900 in return, how fast would they do it and try out our offer?

You can “Check Us Out” and if you were not satisfied you can discontinue your success membership at any time and keep the bonus as our gift to you (you will be notified a couple of days before your recurring charge will be issued.) In that email you will also be notified of your next month’s trainings that will take place, as a part of your ongoing training bonuses each month.

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Great Option #2 – 27%er Lifetime success membership

For a limited time, we are offering our best option EVER! Our Annual membership is $227/year and our Lifetime membership is $2,227.

The best option EVER is, purchase the annual membership for $227 and we will upgrade your membership a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP (a $2227 value!) This membership will contain ALL of the bonuses that the 27%er Monthly Success Membership has for one time low investment in your business of $227!

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2 Great Options……….

  1. When you join for the 27%er Monthly membership, make sure you enter 97 Cents (without the double quotes) at checkout in the discount code field to get your first month for $0.97!  Start My Membership Now For 97₵ !  

  1. Best value 27%er Lifetime membership go to… Start My Lifetime Membership Now!

  2. If you’re interested to spread the word about this great program, become an affiliate by ……

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