27%er Bonus Package

27%er Bonus Package 27er-bonus

The annual 27%er Bonus Package , is a special business building package exclusively for our annual 27%er success members.  It is designed and offered by The Network Marketing Magazine and our 27%er contributors and teachers.  The value of this bonus package is almost $500 (go ahead and price the items individually in our store thgat we charge for everyone else!) 

You not only get the best training tool including the entire Network Marketing Magazine Success Library since 2005, by becoming a 27%er annual Success Member, but you also get these valuable bonuses………….

  • Max Steingart’s  Endless Free Leads
  • Denis Waitley’s  The NeuroPsycholgy of Winning
  • Dale Calvert’s  Why The Masses of Network Marketers Are Frustrated, Confused and Don’t Have a Clue What They Are Doing

Click on the items below and follow the instructions to claim your bonuses!