The NeuroPsycholgy of Winning Bonus Package

The NeuroPsycholgy of Winning Bonus Package


Denis WaitleyDenis Waitley is a recognized world authority on high performance human achievement. With over 10 million audio programs sold, and 20 non-fiction books, he is one of the most listened-to voices and mentors on personal and career success. His audio album, “The Psychology of Winning,” is the best-selling program on self-actualization.

The NeuroPsycholgy of Winning

14 Audio Tracks

Three hours of motivational MP3 tracks with powerful insights on behavior influence, habit change, emotional triggers and high-achievement. Provides the latest information on how to focus and program your mind for optimum success.

Positive Reframing Techniques

Learn how to reprogram your thoughts, self-talk, and habit patterns for greater resiliency and maximum goal achievement.

Guided Visualization Exercises

Powerful “Sense Enhancement” and “Ideal-Self Revisioning sessions with electro-acoustic background tracks designed to open your mind and strengthen your mental capacity for creating desired outcomes.

Success Tools & Action Steps

Practical action steps and takeaways to integrate into your daily personal and professional life to ensure your ongoing success.

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