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Hi, this is George Madiou and I’m happy to give you a little snapshot of a program that we at The Network Marketing Magazine is heading up. This success system is designed to help you and your team succeed in a BIG way.

We are offering this Success System with some of the most influential names in the network marketing industry, Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley, Jim Rohn, Dale Calvert, and many more. See what you get with this breakthrough system, designed just for your success in mind!






We have a mission, it is to take back network marketing from the people who are selling fluff and get rich quick scams that CAN”T work!

We are out to dramatically increase the success rate of you and your team, who are willing to do the work, learn from the experts and do the activities to WIN! This is for those who have the desire to become the most successful professionals in your company and the entire industry. We will move the average success rate in network marketing from 3% to 30% success, for those 27%er Success Members that will follow our daily, year long 15 minute per day system

This is not about fluff and entertainment.

This is about employing a road map to follow, to increase the success of our members, through the teachings of those who have done it, and have been able to pass on success principles and systems to those who are willing to learn and do what it takes to become successful.

We are collaborating with major industry names in network marketing, and hundreds of company owners, leaders, trainers who want to join us in this industry changing project to increase the success of our members.

And that includes YOU!

Take 5 minutes to watch our overview video and if you’re interested in learning more details you can watch the interview below. Share this message on to your team to offer them the most effective training system, from the biggest most successful trainers in the industry, that they will ever be involved with.

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Here’s to your continued success, and to the success of those who have the dream of your great company and this great industry

Aim high!

George Madiou

Founder & Publisher of The Network Marketing Magazine


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Click here to become a 27%er Monthly Success Member with all of the bonuses, including the 1st month for only 97 cents!