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The "Big 6" White Paper - The 27%er Overview... The Foundational Roadmap For Network Marketing Success

For over 15 years The Network Marketing Magazine has supported the MLM industry by bringing the top thought leaders, trainers, and coaches of the most successful people in our industry.

Names like Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter and over 200 other contributors who have taught the wisdom of the ages and the financial success principles for Network Marketing.

The 7 Lies Of Attraction Marketing by Dale Calvert

This book was written for two types of people.

First, it is for network marketing distributors who are curious if attraction marketing is a valid concept. 

Second, it is for network marketers who have drank the attraction marketing cool aide and
are wondering why it is not working for them the way the guru said it would.

Ron Wilder On The Network Marketing Magazine Radio Show

Ron Wilder Is A Network Marketing Trainer And The Author Of “Beyond The Products.” Ron Discusses The Fastes Way To Build A Successful Business To Become Financialy Successful.

"The Little Black Book"
The Most Effective Teachers of MLM

Our Go-To list of 6 proven trainers (“The Little Black Book”) in The Network
Marketing Magazine out of over 200 contributors. You will learn the essential
elements for MLM success! See below on how you can discover more of these 6.

Visit and search for your favorite author to discover more articles of their special wisdom. Learn why these 6 (out of over 200 contributors to The Network Marketing Magazine) holds a special place in our “Little Black Book.


Goal Setting Easy Enough For An 80 Year Old
Or An 8 Year Old by Shane Morand

Shane Morand Discusses His Goal Setting System 

In This Video, As The Author Of The Victory Book

Big Al's Special Closing Report

The Five “trigger” questions your prospects ask before making their decisions
Understand hw our prospects make their decisions.
These are the 5 questions our prospects  would have.