2 Things Important to Duplication and it’s All About You! by George Madiou

George-MadiouDuplication doesn’t mean everyone needs to be doing the same thing the same way. Duplication means that everyone is getting results in a way that comes easy to them. Many people think that duplication, in growing your Network Marketing business, means everyone must be doing the same thing, the same way, if they want to stand a chance to succeed. That is the furthest from the truth. Network Marketing is no different than anything else when it comes to dealing with people.

People don’t like to be stuck in a pigeon hole and be treated like everyone else. We all have different personalities and learning styles.

One of the greatest trainers in this industry, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, would be a wonderful person to team up with, as a distributor in your business (don’t ask him I’m not saying he’s looking, I’m just using this as an example!)  NULL But if you have a duplicatable system that requires that all of the members of your team, pick up the phone and call 25 to 50 people each day, no matter how much “Big Al” loves you, your company and your products you would lose “Big Al” because picking up the phone is not a favorite way for him to grow a business.

Important item #1 in duplication is to DIG. Digging deep by asking questions and listening to the answers will tell you the personality style of the person you are working with.

My friend Jerry Clark is a great person to teach you about the different personalities and how to honor them by working with them correctly (see his article in TheNMMag.com May 2008 issue.) By understanding the members of your team, you can work with them in a way that they are comfortable, so that they will be able to prospect, present and duplicate the important way of, understanding how to question and listen, to the people they encounter, for their business or as a customer.

Important item #2 in duplication is to LEARN. Becoming the best student of your company’s offerings is an extremely duplicatable thing that you and your team can do.

Learn, learn and learn some more! People learn in many different ways though, so make sure you are aware of the different ways that your company and leaders pass this information on. You can read, listen to audios, attend web conferences, go to live events, or call company experts. The important thing to remember is the more competent a person is the more confident they will be and the more success they will experience. But remember, if you like to read and the person you’re working with hates to read, make sure they get the information in a way that the can enjoy and absorb it. Duplication doesn’t mean everyone needs to be doing the same thing the same way. Duplication means that everyone is getting results in a way that comes easy to them. That is what will keep us all going down the road to success. Learn who you are working with, and learn everything your company has to offer, so that you will recognize people that need what you have to offer. Aim high! George Madiou


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