3 Questions to consider before the Launch of Your New Business by John Hackett Ed.D.

3 Questions to consider before the Launch of Your New Business

Launching a new network marketing business is an exciting venture. The launch requires a person to invest time, money and, courage, and hard work to be successful.

A lot of time effort and focus are committed to the How factors, the processes to start the business and the What factors, the products or services you will provide. Sadly, many people getting ready to start a new business are unprepared Why Factors about the launching to be a successful process.

In a May 14, 2019 post on the Forbes website, startup consultant Sveta Patel states the “Many people who want to launch a business do not know where to start. They may be going off of a whim “ I agree entirely with Ms. Patel, many people launching a business are very excited about a product or a process, and maybe the possibility of making much money. These are all great things, but they are also the What and How factors of a network business or any venture. The success of the launch is dependent on looking at the deeper Why factors These three questions are some big questions to be very clear before launching.

  1. What is your Why? How will your new network marketing business make a difference and add value to the people you provide services and products to, your area, and even the world. Your Why or Passion will help you stay encouraged and fulfilled. Understanding your Why will also help you reflect on the Path you have chosen and allow you to make adjustments as needed. Simon Sinek, in his book Finding You Why, provides a deceptively simple exercise to begin to discover your Why. List what you will do _____So that you will impact others_____ _. Write and rewrite this phrase until it fits you personally. Identifying your Why or Passion will sustain you as you start a new journey.

  2. Who is your ideal client? Many people starting a new network marketing business want to work with everyone. While that sounds great, it leads to a lack of focus. Barry and Catherine Cohen of Business Solutions for Growth state that “the audience for your product or service is not “anyone and everyone.” It is one perfect person. Your AVATAR”. Take a second and reflect on who would be an ideal client or Avatar. Consider who you best relate to or enjoy serving. Is this person, Male/Female, What Age, Occupation Marital Status, Education, Socio-Economic status. Where does this person live, what do they look like? Identifying an “Avatar could give your business a client base to build on. Check out the Cohen’s at BusinessSolutionsForGrowth.com to receive their worksheet.

  3. Who is in your ideal support network? Who can you reach out to for mentoring, coaching, and business planning? Who can help you clarify your Why and Your Avatar? Who can you reach out to consistently who cares enough about you to balance caring and candor in providing the feedback you need to hear even went you really do not want to. If you are moving from a “Brick and Mortar” business to the self-employment world, this is a crucial component of a successful launch. Your new network of support may have a director, upline supervisor, or training support or meetings of fellow network marketers. My wife is a direct seller whose organization provides these supports as they repeatedly say “you are in business for yourself but not by yourself “Taking advantage of these resources will boost the launch and increase the chances of you being the success you are meant to be.

John Hackett


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