3 Reasons Why Building A Community Is The Key To Success In Your Business by George Madiou

George-MadiouIs success in a business by chance or is it by design? Is it a solo or a team effort?  It’s all about building a community.

Creating, training and growing a community is what builds a large, powerful and long lasting team.


So what are the 3 reasons you should pay attention to building a strong community.

  1. Network marketing is not a solo endeavor.

There are many businesses out there that don’t require a team for success. Network Marketing is not one of them. As the name implies networking is the basis of the business. The two parts of building the business are retailing the products or services and building a team. Creating a community will develop success in both areas of the business.

Selling the product or service that your business offers, is the key to acquiring customers. The best way to accomplish that is to have your customers spread the word about the great experience that they have received.

A community of satisfied customers does two important things, sells more on a repeat basis and creates a pool of potential business builders that are open to transition from being just a customer to an income producing business partners AND customer.


Creating a community allows you to sell more and build a big, long lasting team.

  1. Successful duplication is more effective in a community.

The key to success in your business is successful duplication. Duplicating it effectively, in a community, guarantees the development of leaders who will teach, train and encourage new members coming into your business and joining your community. A great benefit to you is the leadership that develops that doesn’t require YOU to do everything and be everywhere for your ever growing team, that is true freedom for you and the leaders that develop in your community.

  1. Communities last.

The third very important reason that building communities is a key to the success in your business is that communities last. The staying power of a well-developed community is incredible. People like being part of a group and being part of a successful community. This guarantees that the group will last longer than individual customers and business builders.

The success and importance of building a strong community may seem overwhelming. Don’t do it alone and watch your group grow as a successful community!


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