3 Tips to Gaining 6 Inches Fast (Of MLM Downline Tree)By David Feinstein

Are you embarrassed by YOUR size?

 When you’re around other network marketers talking about their size, do you look away in embarrassment and shame? Is your partner ready to leave you because of your small size? Are you embarrassed for people to see your back-office because of this problem?


The truth is that getting bigger can help you in unimaginable ways. Increasing your size can bring you lots of astonished looks from your bank teller… It can help you see the world on paid-for vacations… It can even make you much more popular with the opposite sex!!


Of course, I’m talking about downline tree size here. What were you thinking about? Hmmm? But the fact is that everything I said above is true because increasing the size of your MLM downline is one of the greatest things that you can do to increase pleasure…to your lifestyle.

So How Can You Gain 6 Inches (of Downline Tree) in the Next 6 Months?

One of the greatest things about network marketing is that no matter where you are as far as success goes, you can begin TODAY improving things. This is an industry of self-development… as well as one that lets you catapult to success no matter what your experience, background, or even current circumstances are.

So, it is very possible to grow your downline substantially if you’re willing to put in the work and effort. But what do you actually have to do? What does the work and effort consist of? To answer that question…

Here are 3 Tips to Increase the Size of Your Downline and Succeed in Network Marketing…

Tip #1: Get Serious and Put In the Time Consistently 

If you’ve been dabbling with your network marketing business then that’s a major reason why you haven’t had as much success as you’ve wanted to see.

Furthermore, if you’ve been busy, but not productive, then that’s basically the same thing…and consequently, gives you the same result.

The bottom-line is that you MUST work on your business every day, consistently for a minimum period of time, and stick to that schedule no matter what.

Listen… when you have a job, you manage to get their every single day without fail for 99.9% of the time so that you don’t get fired. You need to have that same commitment to your home business and stick to it solidly!


Tip #2: Plug Into a Darned System

Network marketing is, by all means, a business of systems. You need to plug into a proven system from your upline that will allow you to create success in your business over and over again.

Since people began building businesses in this world, the ones that truly succeeded were those that ran on systems. We all know McDonald’s of course, and that you can go to anyone around the globe and everything will be the same because of systems. But even the grocery store down the street – heck even the little convenience store where you stop on road trips – if they’ve been around for any time have systems that make them run smoothly.

Your sponsor should have a marketing system that you can plug right into. That’s supposed to be the beauty of network marketing. But sometimes it’s not the case, so then you have to go upline until you find someone who does. Remember people fail, systems excel.

Tip #3: Don’t Jump from Technique to Technique

If you’ve been in this business for any amount of time at all, then you’ve surely noticed that everytime you turn around there’s someone sticking some sort of shiny and new network marketing system or marketing technique in your face.

While I don’t have a problem with the fact that these are available to you, I do have a problem with you jumping from one to another without ever mastering any of them.

That’s the surest way to disaster in any endeavor, but especially this one called network marketing. There’s no way in heck that you’re going to grow 6 inches where it counts…your downline tree…by jumping from one “hot” technique to the other. The hottest techniques are the ones that are proven to work, and the ones that you take the time to master.

Again, there are many techniques available for you, but the best one is the one that your personal upline are using daily to grow their downlines and bring in checks for them… The best one is the one that you’ve mastered while having blinders on to all others…

And the best one is the one that you can pass down to your downline.

So, there you go…

I started this article out pretty shockingly and humorously. But what I’ve said is very serious and important if you have any hope of having a huge downline, and therefore huge checks! Now go out there and add 6 inches to your downline and become much more confident when your back-office is open. J

SizeMatters-David Feinstein

David Feinstein


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