3 Places to Get Great Coaching by George Madiou

George-MadiouIs this something for you?  Many of the top individuals in the world in every field have a coach, and many of those have more than one. Why is that? If they’re so good, why do they need a coach?

That’s precisely the point, they got to where they are, not because they have all the answers but they have people around them to draw those answers out.

Perhaps the greatest golfer the world has ever seen, Tiger Woods, has many coaches. Tiger knows that being on top and staying on top requires a little tweaking that only a coach can give. As a leader, part of your responsibility is to coach those you are leading. To be a great coach you need to be a person who seeks to be coached well himself. Where do you get that great coaching?  NULL

Mentors Seek out mentors in the field of expertise that you are attempting to achieve. They may be the best people you personally know or they may be the best people who you know about. Personal contact is an unbelievable way to get the kind of coaching and mentoring that will serve you for a lifetime. Don’t hesitate to pay for your coaching. Invest in yourself. You’re worth it! It could be the quickest way to success and shave years off of the learning curve. Don’t short change yourself, seek out mentors and learn valuable lessons. Don’t forget to make yourself available to those that can use your coaching and mentoring also. Trainings Today, we all have available to us a Masters Degree worth of training, in live seminars, webinars, teleseminars and CD and DVD products. This represents general training to the most detailed and specialized training and coaching available. All you need to do is apply what you learn. This kind of coaching can bring you a degree of expertise that would take decades to acquire. The great thing about acquiring coaching this way is that it’s duplicatable. It can be passed on to those that you are leading and look to you for coaching and mentoring. Books, books and more books If you look in my office you will see a library that is worth more to me than most anything in my professional life. This library represents friends and coaches of mine, both those I know personally (many that I contacted and befriended after I read their works) and those I’ve never met (but none the less have been incredible coaches to me.) If you think personal contacts with mentors and coaching through trainings is effective, wait until you acquire the leverage of being mentored through the writings of the greats. There is virtually anything that you could attain and want to master and become the top in any field through being coached by the books that are available.

This kind of coaching brings the best of the best at your finger tips. It draws back from history, people long gone but still extraordinary coaches and teachers.

You get to go into the head of people you will never be able to meet. The more you are coached this way the more you grow as an expert and an authority. This is also a way that your coaching skills can be utilized by those that look to you for coaching and mentoring. This allows the authors and coaches that have walked you down your path of success to now mentor and coach those that look to you for coaching. Seeking and pursuing mentor coaches, attending their trainings, both live and recorded and reading their books and articles, to be able to get into their hearts and brain, this is coaching at it’s best! Aim high! George Madiou Publisher and Co-founder


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