3 Reasons to Build Your Business with Women by George Madiou

George-MadiouGo with the success formula of keeping your eye out for women that are right for your business  With 85% of all networkers being women, why would you look elsewhere? With such an overwhelming percentage of networkers being women, women are the backbone of the network marketing industry. 85% of all networkers are women. If it weren’t for the efforts of women, network marketing would not be as successful as it is today. As a result of the women movement in network marketing, there are 3 reasons to build your business with women. With Women Being The Biggest Demographic Of Your Team, You’ll Be Going With The Proven Success Formula Again, with 85% of all networkers being women, why would anyone pursue men? The men are more vocal than the women but the reality is, women are the silent majority that gets the job done.

The facts bear out the reality, women grow the largest teams. Women have the biggest customer base. Women stick with their business longer than men.

 NULL Nurturing the relationship of women on your team and knowing why they are involved in their business, will solidify a strong solid base for them and you. This is what women do best, develop relationships. This is the foundation of our business. Pursue this proven success formula! Women Have A Focus, Needed For Success One of the incredible attributes of many women is the ability to focus on the task at hand. This probably comes from the many things that they have to focus on to effectively get through their normal day. When you lay out the plan or the system in successfully growing their business, women are able to effectively execute the plan far better than most men. The focus on how to get the desired results comes as a result of being able to follow proven instructions. Women are also more patient and therefore will endure until their business succeeds. These are focus attributes that accomplishment is built on. Successful Women In The Traditional Work World Are The Leaders Every Networking Team Can Do Well With A demographic in the woman’s group that is one of the most powerful is winning women in the traditional working world. This is a group of women who have already developed a series of skill sets that can be immediately employed in their new business. This is a group that is also hit with the issues of today’s economic conditions and has the uncertainty of their own job security. This is a group that is juggling work life and home life and would love to be able to grow a business of their own and have the flexible time to do it. Most people would not approach this group of women; however, this is a group that is very receptive to the right opportunity.

Remember; go with the success formula of keeping your eye out for women that are right for your business because their incredible focus is part of their success.

Don’t forget to especially make your opportunity available to successful business women you come in contact with every day. Aim high! George Madiou Publisher and Co-founder


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