3 Ways of Promoting Ourselves and Our Business by George Madiou

George-MadiouWhat are you waiting for? Get going and watch what happens! Develop relationships. Developing relationships is one the main keys to being viewed by others as worthy to know, and desired to be around and to do business with. So many people today have their sights set upon themselves and it comes through as self centered and not caring about the people they interact with. When you truly care about others, people naturally are interested in learning about you and what you do.

It is so rare today that someone would be focused upon anything but themselves, but looking away from yourself and focusing on the people you interact with, is the easiest and the most natural way for people to pay attention to you and your business.

 NULL This is something that can be practiced in your business AND your personal life. Your personal life? How can my personal life help me in my business life? A lot of people don’t realize that their personal life and business life often cross. When people know that you care about them they naturally want to know more about you. You’ll be surprised the people that you know, know people who would love to know you. There is a question that I often ask sincerely and that is; “How can I help you?” Often I get a surprised look because most people are never asked that. You will be surprised the easy ways you can help the people you ask that of. Then just do it! People will start asking you the same question and watch how this relationship builder will start promoting you and your business. Give more than is expected. People are so use to getting the bare minimum or less than what should be expected. This is an easy way to stand out.

How about this for a concept; do what you have promised, do it quickly and do it with a smile. When you have done these 3 easy things, top it off by adding a little bit extra that you didn’t promise.

When you give more than is expected, people will be happy to be around you and will talk about you because you are a rare breed! Giving more than is expected is so easy because no one does it and it’s easy to do. Get there a little early, stay a little longer, do a little more, have a cheery attitude and smile, smile, smile! People will be drawn to you. These are great ways to promote yourself and as a result your business! How can you help those you interact with? Be proactive in looking for specific ways to help others, especially those you want to do business with. It can be as simple as cutting out articles that are pertinent to someone, either something that you know is important to them personally or that will help them with their business. Take the extra steps to introduce people to those that you know that would be a great prospect or leads. Do a proper introduction, either by phone, by email or better yet in person over coffee, breakfast or lunch. Become known as a master connector. There is no better way for people to know you and your business than when you are helping others. Ask the great question my friend Bob Burg asks; “What would a great prospect look like for you, that I would come across in the course of my day that I could recommend to you?” They will open up to you and you will have great insight to the people you know that will be great for them. Then make that connection right away!

Developing relationships, giving more than is expected and helping others, are 3 ways that you can do, right away, to immediately start promoting you and your business.

What are you waiting for? Get going and watch what happens! Aim high! George Madiou Publisher and Co-founder


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