3 Ways to Turn Connections Into More Clients by Adam Urbanski

Adam UrbanskiFind out how using these simple networking strategies will help you turn connections into gold make a huge difference in your business. Over the years I’ve developed specific strategies that help me turn connections into gold (literally!) and right now I want to give you three simple “connecting” tips that will make a huge difference in your business. Attend the right type of events and connect with the right kind of people. If you’ve followed me for a while you know that I’m a huge fan of investing in myself by attending high-impact seminars. They are usually not cheap to attend, but they attract high quality participants; people who are serious about their business and their success.

And when I look for folks to connect with, I’m not focusing on selling, but on meeting people I’d really enjoy getting to know and become friends with over a long time.

 NULL This does two things. It takes the pressure off from “having to make a sale” or find a prospect. And it helps me find people I really enjoy working with when they become clients or strategic alliances. Be interested instead of interesting and look for ways to be of service. The most boring person to talk with is someone who can’t stop talking about themselves. But everyone loves to do it, so to become a great conversationalist all you really need to do is let others talk about themselves.

I know, it sounds so simple, but so few people do it. In fact, when you just listen, you will be amazed how many great opportunities to help others (and grow your business) you will discover in the process.

It always surprises me when I attend events – even when I’m there to speak – and I meet a few people who are regular members of the group. Within minutes I’m often able to connect two or three people who have known each other for a long time, but never realized they would be great JV partners or strategic alliances for each other. And the biggest reason for it is because they never ask good questions. Which brings my to my last tip… Ask good connecting questions. In one of my programs I share a lot good opening questions that get the conversation with people you meet off to a right start. Here are a couple of my favorite ones: -> “When I meet someone what sort of things should I be looking for to know that they would make a good potential referral for you?” This question always helps me understand better what the other person actually does and who they want to attract as their clients. -> “What is the next big thing you want to accomplish in your life/business and what kind of resources would help you get there faster?” People always appreciate when I help them focus on what’s most important to them. Plus, this question also shows them that I want to be of service to them without really selling myself or my products. This weekend invest some time into making a list of events you might want to attend and the people you would like to meet this year. And write down for yourself a few questions that would allow you to really connect with the people you meet.

And remember this – your business isn’t about your office, your website, your tools or products or intellectual property; your business is all about connections with other people – so make each one of them count!



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