4 Lessons From Jim Rohn that Changed My Life by Kyle Wilson

Kyle Wilson

Kyle Wilson has been a great contributor to The Network Marketing Magazine for a number of years, but I knew of Kyle as Jim Rohn’s partner. Jim was the most prolific contributor to The Network Marketing Magazine. The only contributor that wrote more articles for our magazine was me, and I had to, I’m the publisher!

But Jim was by far the #1 most brilliant contributor of all time for us in these past 18 years.

I asked Kyle for permission to publish 4 of the lessons that he learned from his friend, mentor, and partner, Jim Rohn. If you’re a Jim Rohn student, this is an insight into what 4 impactful lessons Jim, taught his partner Kyle.

I thought of our members who were mentored by Jim’s generosity, as one of the greatest teachers in our industry. Enjoy what Kyle has put together for his and all of our benefit from our mentor, Jim Rohn…..George Madiou

In 1989, after moving from my hometown of Vernon Texas to Dallas, I serendipitously got a job working for Jerry Haines as a seminar promoter. I would make 100 cold calls a day to book myself to give presentations for companies and then sell tickets for an upcoming seminar. Little did I know this would lead me to first hearing Jim Rohn, then promoting Jim and eventually founding and launching Jim Rohn International in 1993.
I grew up in a small town of 11,000 people, never went to college and had very few entrepreneurial mentors. That is why hearing and meeting Jim Rohn at age 28 had such an impact.
  There are many, many lessons I learned from Jim Rohn, my friend, mentor and biz partner, but here are four that really impacted me in those first few years, and dramatically changed my life and led me to becoming one of the top seminar promoters within a few years of hearing and then acting on his advice.
  Here are some of those early lessons.

1. The Major Key to Your Better Future is YOU!

Jim said it’s not the government, it’s not taxes, it’s not your job or boss, it’s you. The things that have the greatest impact on how our life works out, we mostly control. Our thoughts, our attitude, our work ethic, what we read, what we watch and listen to, what we eat, who we spend time with, where we invest our time (mindless tv or reading a powerful book or listening to a podcast). These are the biggest predictors of our future. Not who the President is or how the economy is going.

I learned to shift my focus from the things I could not control to the things I 100% controlled.   That was a major mind shift!

2. Success is Predictable

Jim said success is like farming. You plant the right seeds, at the right time, in the right place, and cultivate them, and in due time the odds are in your favor to have a harvest.
There is a road map, a blueprint, for almost any specific result you are looking for. This gave me confidence that if I did the right activities on a consistent basis, I would get results over time.

So instead of looking for the get rich quick scheme or the ‘short cut’ I put 100% of my focus on actions that would give me a predicable outcome.

3. Be a Student not a Follower

Jim said make sure everything you do is the product of your own conclusion. Take advice but not orders. Study, seek out guidance and knowledge. Gather it all in and then you decide what you want to keep and what to discard.

This allowed me to become a student and to always be gathering and learning, but also realize it was ultimately up to me to decide what I believe and the decisions I make. 

4. Focus on Bringing Value

Jim said if you want to be successful learn to bring value to the marketplace and if you want to become wealthy learn to be valuable to valuable people. Success begins by learning to bring value and to be valuable.

That became my passion. How to always bring value in everything I did. Every transaction and every relationship.
People today often ask how I got to work with Jim Rohn and so many iconic people (then and now) including Brian Tracy, Darren Hardy, Denis Waitley. Les Brown, etc? This is a big part of it. I learned to be valuable and always bring value!
When I launched Jim Rohn Int’l in 1993 I was able to take Jim from 20 speaking dates at 4k a talk to 110 dates at 10k that first year (and then eventually 25k). I started creating new products, including one that became a viral success moving over 6 million copies. In addition to Jim Rohn Int’l I also launched Your Success Store and was able to then promote and market Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Jeffrey Gitomer, Denis Waitley, Ron White, and so many other speakers and authors. I created platforms that allowed me to be valuable to valuable people. Then when the internet came around, I created multiple online publications that grew to over 1 million subscribers combined. Again, this made me more valuable to Jim and all the other speakers I was promoting.
In 1993 when launching JRI, Jim and I made a handshake agreement and kept that for 10 years before eventually papering it up for legal reasons. But a handshake worked for us in the beginning because we both focused on bringing value and becoming more valuable to each other.
Jim and I had a great business marriage. He was the speaker and I was the agent and marketer.
Jim changed my life and I feel like I was able to help Jim reach millions more people and grow his legacy….
  Thank you Jim one more time for your friendship and mentorship and forever changing my life!


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Kyle Wilson
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