4 Must Things for Your Website by Kyle Wilson

4 Must Things for Your Website

Below are 4 simple things that make a massive difference in your biz!

Don’t let the simplicity fool you. All I ask is you read below and then honestly ask yourself are you doing all 4. Then be open to making the simple changes if not.

A few months back, my long-time friend Jeffrey Gitomer made a surprise visit to my Philly Inner Circle Mastermind. During my interview with Jeffrey, he posed a poignant question. “Kyle, where do you live?” Well, Jeffrey knows I live in Dallas/Ft Worth. Then he said, “Kyle, how assessable are you where you live? Can people just swing by anytime?” And, of course, the answer is no.

Then he said, “Kyle, where you really live is online. You are 24/7 on your website. 24/7 on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. Most businesses and entrepreneurs still don’t realize where they live in 2019.”

Such a great point! Now when speaking at events or at my Inner Circle Masterminds and sharing my 7 Marketing Principals to Build Your Brand and Business, I’ve added Jeffrey’s question plus these 4 MUST I always advise for your website.

4 Musts for Your Website to Be Effective

First, these four elements all need to be at the top fold, meaning a visitor should be able to see them before they ever scroll down. The layout of my website KyleWilson.com is an example that includes all 4.

When I first launched JimRohn.com in 1999 these were my 4 MUST back then, and they still stand the test of time now. (I sold Jim Rohn Int in 2007, so the current site is not run by me)

1. Your website must have a mystique and brand.

Have an image and a brand that accurately represents you. Make sure it shows the authentic you and represents the brand you are building.

2. Have a powerful tagline plus 3-4 key bullets.

What are you known for?
These 3-4 taglines need to do 3 things
a) Show your credibility
b) Reflect your secret sauce (what makes you special and unique)
c) Speak to your customer avatar (vs random facts)

3. Provide Social Proof and Testimonials

This is one of the most important!

When you say something great about yourself, it’s bragging. When someone else says something great about you, it is a FACT!

That is why on my website I overwhelm people with testimonials from people that have credibility with my avatar. That is a big part of my secret sauce, the people I have worked with and what they say about me as a marketer, event promoter, publisher, coach, strategist, etc.

So on my website testimonials are a bit over the top, but that is part of what makes me unique. Testimonials from Jim Rohn (18 year biz partner), Brian Tracy (25 year friend and says we have made millions together), Darren Hardy (says I’m his go-to person and have saved and made him a quarter of a million dollars), Mark Victor Hansen (partnered on Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneurs Soul), Phil Collen of Def Leppard (said his day at my Inner Circle Mastermind was top 10 of meet ups he has been a part of), and hundreds more.

Make sure you are capturing and posting testimonials and social proof. This is also true for your social media pages!

4. Have a way for people to Opt-In

Ultimately traffic, PR, and branding are of little value if you don’t have a way to capture people and then build a relationship with them. I call it the wheel (something I created in 1993 when I launched Jim Rohn int).

It is fishing vs hunting. Building a list (an audience), talking to it and occasionally giving it things to raise it’s hand to and say yes.
I have hundreds of examples of people I have worked with that this one thing alone transformed their business. Speakers, authors, marketers, investors, small business owners, professionals, entertainers, retailers, on and on. It works in every industry. And you would recognize many of the names.

3 Things about your opt-in:
1) Your opt-in can be an ebook, some videos, a course, etc. The Main thing is to make it compelling!
2) Make sure it is something that your core avatar wants
3) Make sure it is good. You don’t want to be giving out average samples of you. Make your gift representation of you and your work.
4) Have it stand out on your site.

Kyle Wilson
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