4 Steps in Creating a Powerful Presentation by George Madiou

George-MadiouThe entire network marketing business revolves around powerful presentations.

It doesn’t matter if the presentation is in an arena of 25,000 people given by a top leader or a new networker doing a one on one at a prospect’s kitchen table, a powerful presentation is essential in our business.

There are 4 essential points that any powerful presentation needs.

1. Start with the end in mind.

As the brilliant teacher and trainer Stephen Covey has taught, “Begin with the end in mind.” This is great advice for anyone who is attempting to give a powerful presentation. We want to know and understand what the recipient of our presentation is looking for.

If it is a one on one presentation, it starts with asking questions, and listening and understanding, for what the listener is looking for. It is all about them. If you are just going to DUMP information on someone, it will be powerful, a powerful failure! By asking great questions and then listening for the clues that will direct you to present how your product or opportunity can fulfill a need your listener is looking for, you will captivate the listener and be successful.

If it is a group meeting, or larger, the same concept holds true. Know who you are talking to. Take the biggest need or desire and create your presentation around answering that need, clearly, and completely.

2. Keep it simple.

Again, your presentation is NOT about how good YOU are. It must be about those who will come after you. It’s all about duplication.

Can the people in your group do as good a job or better than you. When you accomplish that, you will be creating a powerful organization.

One of our most effective 27%er trainers, Dale Calvert, teaches us to utilize the company created and approved video when explaining your product and/or opportunity. You see, anyone can hit the play button or YouTube video. This takes the fear factor out of giving a powerful presentation and the listener will realize that this method is simple enough that they can do it too!

3. Stay on topic.

Staying on topic is essential. The reason for the presentation is to stay focused on a particular part of your message. You don’t want to do a complete information dump of every aspect of your company. That will be the fastest way to turn your listener off and lose interest.

If you stay on topic and that topic fills the need of your listener, they will understand how, what you have, is a fit for them. All of the rest will be learned as time goes on.

4. Be memorable.

Most presentations are forgotten within hours, days or weeks. You can change this statistic around by being memorable. By this I mean, stay focused on your listener and what is important to them.

An extremely effective way of doing this is to weave captivating stories about your product or opportunity that directly relates to your listener’s needs. People will remember stories far longer than all of the statistics and facts.

Doing a powerful presentation is something everyone can do. Stick with these 4 simple steps and practice and teach it to the others in your group and watch your group become the most powerful presenters in your organization!

4 Steps in Creating a Powerful Presentation

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