#4 BE NICE to everyone by Paul Morris

paul morrisCourtesy to EVERYONE goes a long way Be Attitude #4. Be Nice The old fashioned word for that is “courteous”. ABC = Always Be Courteous, to EVERYONE. You have all heard the expression “the customer is always right” so obviously you should be courteous to your customers but I’m not talking about being courteous to just your customers and distributors or your prospects.

I am talking about being Courteous to EVERYONE.

Sales clerks, waitresses, hostesses, the bagger at the grocery store, the janitor in your office building, your trash men, and now are you ready for this… how about your own family? What about your spouse? Believe it or not some people treat their employees with more respect than they do their own spouse.  NULL Make sure you never fall into that category. Make sure you always treat your spouse with the utmost of respect. If your relationships are not good at home you will never get them right in your organization.

Being courteous also means having good manners.

You never know what type of day the other person is having. Maybe the restaurant became real busy all of sudden, maybe another waitress did not show up for work and maybe the person waiting on you that day just lost their spouse and they have had to go to work as a waitress to earn a few extra dollars to feed the children. Now your water glass has been empty for a few minutes and you are having a fit because your waitress was not there to refill your glass. You are ready to chew her out when she gets to your table… stop, think… what if that waitress was your mother or your teen aged daughter working her way through college? How would you want other people to treat her? If the restaurant is really that busy then why not really make someone’s day and offer to grab a water pitcher and refill everyone else’s water glasses so the waitress can take everyone’s orders? The restaurant owner may offer you a free desert of even a free meal for helping out.

“What kind of a world would this world be, if all of its inhabitants were as courteous as me?”

It begins with you. In the words of the old song – “If everyone lit just one little candle, what a bright world this would be.” So light your candle of courteousness and let’s see just how bright this world can be.


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