5 Attributes You Need to have to be a Highly Effective Leader in Network Marketing by Kosta Gara

Kosta GaraHow was I able to go from zero to millionaire in eighteen months in my second network marketing company? I focused on leadership.

Early in my networking career, I attended numerous leadership conventions and watched industry superstars and motivational speakers prowl the stage. They shared their story about their backs being against the wall, then joining a network marketing company, going to work, and as the saying goes: The rest is history. At the end of their speech, they would look the audience in the eye, and with conviction say the proverbial: If I can do it, you can do it. Their speech was inspirational, but their approach was generic. It did not address the wisdom I was searching for, which was: How to become a reliable, successful leader.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I am not a motivator. I feel uncomfortable telling an audience: If I can do it, you can do it. For me to help people change their lives, I knew I had to come up with an easy-to-follow, reliable, organic leadership blueprint for success, which is where the idea for Organic Networker, my latest book, came from.

I cover all aspects of leadership in Organic Networker, but let me share with you what I feel are

the most important 5 attributes you need to have to be a highly effective leader in this profession:

1. Vision – Vision is one of the most important attributes of leadership. As Organic Principle #6 from my book states – persistence reminds us that you must have a vision of where you are and where you want to go, and the willpower to fulfill your dreams.

There are two fundamental conditions for true persistence. The first involves a solid set of beliefs. As an old saying goes: Stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything. That’s why my 12 Organic Principles for Success are so invaluable to me, as they let the world know what I stand for. The second condition involves the fact that my behavior must match my character. Combine these two conditions and you end up with: persistence and willpower with a purpose. This combination has been responsible for the careers of many successful business people.

It is imperative to have clear and concise vision, so people know why they should follow you and your vision, which comes down to one simple differentiator – understanding the science behind how to promote a captivating vision.

2. Communication – Your ability to build relationships is vital to your success in this industry. The two most important ingredients necessary to become an elite relationship builder are communication and connection. As an organic networker, you will hone your communication skills on several levels. You will use these skills to attract high quality prospects to your organization and then organically connect them into a unified, well informed, profitable organization.

It’s all about mastering the fundamental skills of communication, an essential part of Principle #8 in my book—Relationships. Communication enables you to create honest and powerful connections in meetings, social interactions, and relationships. While this may seem like an ambitious undertaking, becoming a master communicator is simply an organic process. You learn certain skills; you practice them, and you excel.

The greatest component of communication is a simple fact that has been known to man for centuries, and that is listening. As the old saying goes, we have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.

3. Respect – The first thing all prospects will do is look at you and ask themselves: Are you the type of person I respect and want to be in business with? Trust me, they will come to a conclusion within 60 seconds of meeting you.

Equally important is the respect you have for the potential leaders you recruit and the potential leaders they bring to the table. Respect has nothing to do with the luxury car you drive, beautiful home you live in, designer clothes you wear, exotic vacations you enjoy, or the size of your bank account. Respect has to do with your integrity, honesty, leadership, and knowing that your only purpose is to help them grow and become successful. Respect isn’t bought, it is earned, therefore the way you treat others is how others will treat you. Lead by example and earn the respect, as it’s an attribute that cannot be acquired overnight, rather overtime.

4. Passion– In the beginning of my career, my passion was so intense that I had one thought running through my mind from the minute I woke up to the moment I fell asleep at night: the vision of how the success of my company would change my life forever. I can still remember going to bed and explaining the compensation plan to my potential superstars in my sleep.

This single mindedness can be summed up in Organic Principle #5 from my book—Initiative. A thought or idea by itself can give you a temporary feeling of inspiration, but initiative is what gets you through when the perspiration is pouring down your forehead and you have to overcome the inevitable roadblocks and disappointments that come with building a successful business.

Now, take a few minutes to think about and take inventory of your passion and commitment. Are they strong enough to help you achieve your most important goals?

5. Praise – Giving and receiving praise and criticism can become a normal part of building your team. Good news or praise is always easy to give and receive because it delivers positive feelings. On the other hand, bad news or criticism causes emotions no one wants to feel. Bad news, however, can actually be good news, depending upon the attitude of the giver and the receiver.

A good leader will always find a way to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

It is widely accepted that everyone, employees and distributors alike, consistently rank appreciation for work well done high on the motivation index. In fact, one of the reasons distributors disengage from a company is the lack of praise and recognition.

One of my leadership skills you could acquire is to create and foster, the feeling of belonging to something bigger than any single individual. If you lead by example, people will line up to join your volunteer army.

Although leadership has many more attributes, in my opinion these 5 are among the top traits you must acquire in order to lead an organization in this profession. Even though you cannot inherit these traits overnight, it is imperative you begin to understand which ones are your weaknesses so you can put more emphasis on improving those.

Kara CelibratingI cover many more leadership attributes in my book, Organic Networker, which I just released on Amazon. You can learn more about the book by going to



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