5 Keys to Being a Servant-Leader By Roberto Torres

5 Keys to Being a Servant-Leader

The servant leader is one who truly has a desire to serve others. To empower others to succeed and have the ability and skills necessary to create the success they desire.

When this style of leadership is applied to the profession of Network Marketing, amazing things can happen within your organization.

Just to be clear and to have a point of reference, another leadership style is that of the dictator.  Be careful with this style as it can lead you to believe it is working. When in reality it will create a group of people who will either become dependent on you for their success or will eventually come to detest you because of your demands.

By demanding people to do things the way you do them (Dictator Style) and no other way will lead to these kinds of results.  One of the primary reasons for that is because people as a default mechanism will look to blame others. With the dictator style, this is easy to do as they have no self-responsibility except to do what you said.

The other issue is that people join Network Marketing for the money but also for the freedom. Being dictated to will make them feel like they are employed which may be the very thing they are looking to get away from.

Enough of the dictator style of leading and let’s look at how to apply the Servant-Leadership style.

In my opinion, to be a servant leader means to empower others to succeed without you.  This will allow you and the members of your organization to achieve the freedom along with the money.

Here are the 5-Keys as taught to me by one of my mentors:



Teach the individuals you sponsor how to find their own motivation.  Motivation is found from within and inspiration is found outside of the individual.  Both are good, but your new members must understand that MOTIVATION comes from within them.

Help them find their “WHY”. What are they looking for? What is their dream lifestyle?  What are they listening to?  What are they reading?  What are some of their habits that may be demotivating them?

Most of this can be found out by having a simple short conversation about their “WHY”.

Show them how to plug into the appropriate material your company may offer that will help them feed their motivation and will also inspire them.

Give them a list of books you recommend and/or audios that you believe will help them develop this powerful habit.

Are they reading www.TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com (send them to the link below.)

Help them stay focused on their “WHY” and how they are going to achieve it with your company, your system, and your leadership.



Teach your new recruit why they made such a good decision in joining your company and your group.  Give them the key factors that will help them conclude this was a good decision.

Teach them how to be 10 feet tall and bullet proof.  Remind them how their “WHY” and being self-motivated will help keep them on track.  Let them know “Shiny Objects” and “False Greener Grass” will appear. Teach them to ignore these things, how it will cause them to start over again, how it will derail them from achieving their dream lifestyle.

Share with them the success stories of others and yourself within your company and how they can do what others have done before them.  Educate them on how using your system, they can succeed and accomplish their goals.

This will cause them to be self-determined as they will come to realize they have made an excellent choice and it is just a matter of taking the proper steps to get the success they wish.



While all these keys are important, I feel this one will really help keep your members self-motivated and self-determined.  Why? Because it puts them in position for small wins, and empowerment.  They will see that by being self-responsible they can do this business.

I teach those I sponsor that if they have a compensation plan question or a product question, to look in the back-office of their replicated corporate website or call corporate.

I also make sure they have the number for corporate, and to call them with these type of questions.

As an example, someone may say “Hey Roberto, what percentage does our comp plan pay at level 3?”

I say: “Hmm, good question John, log into your back office and you will find the answer there.”

They may ask, “Hey Roberto, when does a customer’s autoship get mailed out?”  I say: “John, do you have the number for corporate?”

 Most likely they’ll say no, I then say, “It’s XXX-XXX-XXXX give them a call and they will have answer for you.”

After doing this two or three times they will automatically start to do this and watch then how they speak with you over the phone, how empowered they sound because they conclude they are running their own business.

They will then adapt to this kind of culture and teach it to the new people they sponsor.

Imagine at a corporation the new employees going to the CEO of the company and asking where the paper for the copying machine is kept?  That would not work out well, nor is it efficient.  Just as employees learn to be self-responsible to perform their work task, so must our distributors learn to be self-responsible in the functioning of their business!



As your new distributor learns about being self-responsible, they will become self-reliant.  They will know it is their business and it is their responsibility to grow it and to lead others with a servant leader style.

Educate them that the success of their business is based on what they do, and it is how they choose to function within their business that will determine their success.

It is not about the upline or the downline.  Teach them that whether they succeed or fail it is their responsibility and not that of the upline, the downline or the company, or even Network Marketing for that matter.

They, in turn, will teach this to their new recruits and it will become part of your team culture.



By applying the four previous keys your new members and your organization will become self- functional.  They will learn where to find the information they require, they will learn how to find the training and train themselves. They will know that the building and growth of their business is their responsibility.

This will create a healthy, vibrant and growing organization.

You may be asking, when should this be established?  It should be established when you are speaking to them as a prospect. Huh? Yes, when they are a prospect.

Here is an example of what I do, when I speak with a prospect I give them a website for them to go and look at the information about our company. I then set an appointment with them to follow up.  When I call them on the follow-up they normally will have a question.  For example, they may want to know, something about the compensation plan or about a product ingredient or whether the product is non-GMO, etc.

I answer with the following and here is the key to teach them to be self-functional even as a prospect. I say: “I am not an expert in that, but I have a __________ that will explain that to you.”  (The blank can be a website, a video, a recorded call, a 3-way call with your upline, a PDF, etc.)  I’m sure you get the idea here.

Applying these keys your group will come to love and admire you because you have served them correctly.  You have empowered them and have taught them to function on their own and not wait for the next conference call or until you are available to get their questions answered.

Be a servant-leader as one of the most famous leaders did with His organization over 2,000 years ago.  He taught them what to say, how to say it, how to deal with rejection and what to do with those who join your organization.  After that He left them to be self-functional and that organization has grown to millions and millions of people worldwide today.

I believe it is an excellent model to follow.

Be a servant-leader.

Roberto Torres currently mentors entrepreneurs, sharing his keys to winning in network marketing based on his experience in the network marketing profession since becoming involved in 2000. To learn more, connect with Roberto on his Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/RobertoPoolside



5-keys to being a Servant Leader-Roberto Torress



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