5 Questions to Nail Down the Right Company for You to Sign Up with by David Feinstein

Work is just working if one doesn’t have the passion for it.

People leave jobs every day for a variety of reasons. It’s not easy to have passion for something that bores the soul or doesn’t recognize the hard work that someone has done. No matter what the issue is, there are companies out there that will reward for hard work and dedication as long as effort and time are given. So, if someone is looking for a business opportunity, there are five different questions they can find answers for that should help them find the right offer.

5 questions to bring clarity to Business opportunities

Business opportunities are plenty, but not all are a good fit. Asking the right questions during the initial investigation stage is important. It is wise to investigate several different opportunities and ask similar questions and analyze the answers later. Be cautious of those who do not give you answers to the questions. While your waiting for responses, look up each company and take a deep look at their public reviews. Here are five questions to help nail down the right business offer.

  1. Is this company stable, financially, and leadership wise?
  2. Is the compensation plan easy to understand?
  3. Will this company offer resources to help me be the best I can be?
  4. How intensive is the training for new members?
  5. Is there room for growth or will I need to find a new company in 2 years?

What to do if a business offer seems too good to be true?

There may come a time when the business seems like a dream come true. Beware that it can be a major scam. The list of questions above is only a starting point for research. Beware of companies that won’t answer any questions or are completely vague about their answers. Trust the gut instinct, if something seems off about the company. It’s wise to move to another company that is more transparent and honest than one that is glittery.

There are good offers out there, but it does take time and research to find them.

In some cases, someone may face multiple sweet offers and must nail them down. Therefore, the questions above can be more of a base in later talks to help clarify which offer is the best to go with. These questions are not set in stone, adjust them accordingly to suit needs and desires.

Moving Forward with the Right Offer, the next steps.

Once an offer is accepted, the next steps are to get on board as quickly as possible. Get the dues out of the way and proceed with training with maximum energy and effort. The faster that you’re enabled to conduct business, the sooner you’ll be successful. Don’t be afraid to ask additional questions in any of the phases.

It’s important for you to be happy and have a strong career in any business venture.

David Feinstein
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