5 Ways To Be An Integrous Leader By Roberto Torres

5 Ways To Be An Integrous Leader

Integrity in a Network Marketing organization will lead to great leadership. Great leadership is part of growing a healthy, vibrant organization. Here are five ways to achieve that.

Integrity Leads To Success! 

1. The first trait in any leader is integrity.

Integrity is the engine to success in running a large Network Marketing organization.  Make this the foundation of your organization culture. It will then grow and spread through your group. Others as well as you will live by it and teach to those that become part of the team.  Stand up for what you believe is right and others will see this and stand with you. This goes for both the building aspect of your business and the treatment of your distributors and customers.  The proof is always in the results.

“There are no moral shortcuts in the game of business or life, There are, basically, three kinds of people, the unsuccessful, the temporarily successful, and those who become and remain successful. The difference is character.” – Jon Huntsman Author of the book Winners Never Cheat

2. Leaders Have Integrity

A leader must have integrity.  Teach people exactly what it takes to be successful in Network Marketing and how to do it.  Never give them fluff just to see if they stick around. Teach them the steps, the system for success. Some of the lessons may be painful and some of it they may not want to hear. But, if you give them the facts, the truth about how to succeed in their business, what it takes, and how it is done they will be appreciative of your honesty.

Even if they decide not to do it, they will know that what you shared with them is the truth. I’ll give you an example; recently I heard a leader speaking on a conference call that gave all these techniques and science on what it takes to build a Network Marketing business.

I was suspicious from what was being said because I felt in my gut that the teaching this leader was giving was just going to lead people to spend more time studying a subject that would not lead to their success.  Upon further investigation, I found out this leader does not use the strategies he was teaching although he had studied them he built his business using a faster and more sensible way.

Why he chose not to teach what he actually did to achieve success to his team is beyond me and in my opinion not honest.  But, don’t you do it. Give the people on your team the facts, they deserve it and it is honest.

3. Do Right Thing

Never compromise doing the right thing because it is not popular, or worst yet, it may make you unpopular with some people in your organization who may want to see you operate differently.

By continuing to do the right things you will find and connect with those who are attracted to what you are manifesting in leadership and will want to connect with you.  Never favor anyone in your group over anyone else. A person’s feeling could get hurt this way but worst, it will put your integrity into question.  Always follow the best practices within your organization and your system.

If you flip flop people will question how honest you were being with them.  Once you lose their trust it will be very difficult to get it back.  Trust is difficult to get and easy to lose. Always, always do the right thing.  You and your team will benefit greatly from it.

“Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.” – Oprah Winfrey

4. Keep Your Word

Always keep your word.  If you tell someone you will do a 3-way call for them, conference call, a webinar or a meeting be sure to show up and do your best.  Put it on your calendar and prepare accordingly, this is part of integrity, doing the best you can. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have had uplines tell me they would be available for a 3-way call or that they will get back to me and never did.

In fact, one time I set up a conference call with a top earner in my success line.  I show up, the company doctor showed up and all the invited guest showed up except for my successful upline. When I reached out to them they were busy driving their new luxury car.  I was new to Network Marketing at that time and was baptized through fire that day.

Always do your best to keep your word. Do things come up that may keep us from keeping our word? Sure, it can happen.  But, it better be a pretty good reason. Not that you forgot because you were driving your new luxury car.

5. Make It Part Of Your Brand

There should be no exceptions to honesty and being integrous. Integrity should be a way of thinking and not just according to the situation. If you compromise your integrity on the things which appear minuscule with little to no consequence, then it becomes very easy to compromise on bigger issues and situations.

Leaders with integrity should always look to be on the side of fairness, especially when other people are being unfair. In fact, in the brand of every leader should be how fair they can be when other people are treating them unfairly.


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