5 Advantages of Owning Your Own Home Based Business by George Madiou

George-MadiouWhat prevents the majority of those people from fulfilling their desire? How about we explore 5 questions that will bring you closer to your own answer.  85% of people surveyed state that if they had the opportunity, they would love to own their own business. What prevents the majority of those people from fulfilling their desire? How about we explore 5 questions that will bring you closer to your own answer. What kind of freedom would I experience once I made the decision to own my own business? Most people find that one of the most satisfying benefits to owning their own business is the freedom that they enjoy. The ability to decide what path to take on any given day, week or month and know that the plan they have developed can unfold based upon their implementation.

As an adult, to be able to take orders from yourself and to be responsible to do what ever it takes to accomplish what is needed for the success of your business is the freedom to control your destiny.

 NULL Personal freedom is a major component to owning your own business. The ability to be home when your children get home from school. The ability to go on school field trips, while other parents have to be at their job. The freedom to be with an ill parent and take care of them at a time of need. The freedom to travel and to accomplish tasks necessary for the success of your business, no matter where you are. These freedoms and so many more, become the fulfillment of hope. What fulfillment of hope can occur when I own my own business? How often have you asked yourself, “if only I had more money”? The hope is not a larger bank account or stretching your pay check to make it to the end of the month. The hope is to be able to have the ability to purchase for yourself and your family all the things that they need and want. To be able to provide in a way that your needs are met and those other desires such as the charities that you would love to support. The hope of being the kind of parent, spouse and friend that you would like to be. Hope is easier fulfilled when you are your own boss.

Hope flows from personal control.

What would your life look like with the personal control of owning your own business? Do you know how many people work for someone that bosses them around more as a power trip rather than constructive direction? How many people start feeling ill Sunday night in anticipation of going to work the next day? Many people don’t take that leap of faith to own their own business simply because of fear. Why should your boss or fear rob you of personal control? Lay out a plan. Do some work before you leave your job. Take personal control by asking yourself some probing questions. Consult with people you know and trust that own their own business. Reduce the fear by overcoming the unknown. Knowledge and a proper plan will give you courage, belief in yourself and a burning desire to take that leap of faith, even while you continue in the job you’ll be leaving. The preparation can be a very exhilarating experience! You will be on to your own, no limit way of life. How will owning my own business develop a no limit way of life for myself? As opposed to many jobs, owning your own business offers the ability to literally have you in a seat where the sky is the limit. Rather than performing a function that fulfills a part of your employer’s dream, owning your own business allows you to pursue your own dream. The more you practice attaining goals that you set for your life, the more you will realize that there is truly no limit to what you can go after.

A no limit life is a life that doesn’t have the constraints others would like to have on you.

A no limit life is a life that is satisfying beyond your wildest imagination. A no limit life affects those around you in a very positive way. A no limit life can effect generations to come! What kind of a legacy can you pass on to future generations? A decision you make today to start your own business, will affect future generations in your family and the people you influence. Your children and your spouse will see a new you and they will feel the possibility of the no limit belief. They will see that taking control, rather than being lead and bossed around is a much better decision that can be chosen. They will see the effects of freedom that they will desire and the new limitless hope in their dreams. The legacy that occurs when you get this ball rolling will affect your children’s children. It will go from generation to generation. One of the saddest legacies that have developed over the past decades is the legacy of 4th and 5th generation welfare recipients. Well I’m here to tell you that the opposite is true.

That is the legacy of success and abundance! How would you like to be the reason for generations of people in your family and generations of people that had their origin by being exposed to you, being able to trace their success to your decision?

The decision of starting your own business and the exciting road that this represents, is in your hands! Aim high! George Madiou Publisher and Co-founder TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com


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