5 Easy Ways to Build Your Downline Through Joint Ventures That 99% of Your Competition isn’t Doing! by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxThere are numerous ways to joint venture online and off for typical businesses, but rarely do those in Network Marketing ever think to use joint ventures for building their downlines. It’s no secret that when you’re a network marketer you’re constantly obsessing about new ways to build your downline. However sometimes we can’t see the forest through the trees and so we overlook some really great and easy ways to build our downline… while we struggle with others. Joint ventures have been going on in business for years and years. Nearly every company in the world does joint ventures. Just think about when you see the characters from the movie that your kids are bugging you to take them to see in or on their cereal box. That’s a joint venture. Or the toys in a Happy Meal… that’s also a joint venture.

These days in the internet marketing world joint ventures have become a hot method of promoting courses and products. Usually this consists of one internet marketer using the other’s email list to sell their products, and vice versa.

 NULL There are numerous ways to joint venture online and off for typical businesses, but rarely do those in Network Marketing ever think to use joint ventures for building their downlines. Yet it could be an immensely effective tactic… Here are 5 Ways to Do Joint Ventures to Build YOUR Downline Co-Op Advertising – This is one of the more popular ways that Network Marketers are already doing some joint ventures. The basic idea is to reduce the cost of advertising by getting together with your team (your upline and downline, or even just friends in the business) and pooling your money, and splitting the leads that come through. There are various ways to advertise that are effective, but some of these can be pricey. For instance, radio or television advertising can give you amazing returns, but who has thousands of dollars to plop down on that type of advertising… especially if you’re just starting out? So getting together with a group and splitting the costs as well as the leads is a great way to get around this problem. Teaming Up with Recruiting or Employment Agency – You may not realize it but the employment recruiting industry is fierce and frankly pretty cut-throat. These guys can get paid big bucks for placing individuals in 9 to 5 jobs. But not everyone that comes to them gets placed. Just as well, not everyone that you speak to is going to be the right fit for a home business. You can tell the people who are just not the entrepreneurial type. They need the total security of getting a paycheck every week even if it means getting paid tons less. Whatever floats their boat! So there’s no reason why you couldn’t set up a deal with an employment recruiting agency where they refer these people to you, in exchange for them referring people who a) don’t get hired by companies that they go after or b) seem like a good fit for the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Gifting Your Extra Leads – Okay so I don’t know that there’s really any such thing as an extra lead, but the fact is that when you get fresh leads, letting them sit is very bad. Leads have a shorter lifespan than fresh fish on the counter so you want to use these leads wisely. But if you’re in a situation where you’re not able to use them – or are too busy to use them – then you should be more than happy to hand them over to your best leaders and let them get in touch with these leads.

Let’s face it, your leaders in YOUR downline, building THEIR downline only benefits you right? So why not give them the ammunition and tools to build with? It’s almost like outsourcing your business for free in a way.

What if you have a few good leaders? Use the leads as motivation. Run a contest and whoever gets the most sign-ups in the month then they get 20 (or whatever number you want) high quality leads. In fact this could be a monthly thing that you run. You’ll be surprised how many people will work their butt off just for bragging rights, never mind the free leads. Giving Away Information Products – These days many network marketers are also affiliate marketers. Basically they’re selling an ebook or MLM information product to get leads, while making money on the front end, and then recruiting those customers as downline members. Well guess who really makes out there? That’s right, the product owner. They not only get half of the money for you selling their products but they also get your customers contact info. Do you really think that if they’re also involved with a MLM company that they’re not contacting their customers and trying to recruit them as well? Of course they are.

Well the way to turn the tables there is to simply create your own information product. The thing is that you don’t even have to sell it. You can simply give it away for free, as well as give others the rights to give it away as long as they don’t change the content.

Therefore within the content you can have links to your own websites where you collect the reader’s information and BAM… you’ve just got yourself a great lead. Don’t think anybody would want to give away your book? Think again! The fact is that tons of network marketers are hurting for content and will jump at the chance to be able to give their contacts something of value. The key is that you MUST make the info inside very high quality and appealing. Give them enough good reasons to give it away and they certainly will. Do Ad Swaps With Non-Competing Web Sites – If you have a website that’s getting any traffic then you’ve got some prime real estate there… and you could use that to actually create a great JV. The fact is that there are plenty of websites out there looking to promote their site on someone else’s site with high traffic. Usually they’d have to pay for that but if you offer an ad swap they’d likely jump at that in a jiffy. What types of sites would you want to put on your site? That’s up to you, but the fact is that you want to make sure that you’re doing a fair exchange. If you’re getting 5000 visits a month, make sure that the other site is getting at least that much. Alright, so there you go. These are great and powerful ways of building your downline that 99% of your competition isn’t doing right now!

This gives you a huge advantage over your competition, but you have to take action. So… go set up some JV’s!!



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