5 Proven Ways to Reinvent Yourself by Noah St. John

Noah St. JohnThis is a great time to reinvent yourself, refocus your goals, and reevaluate your true priorities.  This is a great time to reinvent yourself, refocus your goals, and reevaluate your true priorities. Here are five proven ways to reinvent yourself: 1. Use AFFORMATIONS. No, that’s not a misprint. Instead of saying, ” I am good enough”, try asking, “Why can I do this?” I call these empowering questions AFFORMATIONS – NOT affirmations! The success gurus told us to use old-school “affirmations” like, “I am rich.” And your brain responds, “Yeah, right!” Instead of a statement you don’t believe, ask an Afformation like: “Why am I so rich?”

Asking empowering questions causes your mind to search for why you are, in fact, rich. And by The Law of Attraction, what you focus on grows.

 NULL  Go to www.iAfform.com for a free 60-second Afformation Stress-Buster to relieve stress any time, anywhere. 2. Find a Loving Mirror. A Loving Mirror is a person who can give you unconditional support. My studies of the Naturals of Success – who I call The Three Percenters – have shown that in all cases, they had someone who believed in them, even when they didn’t believe in themselves. To reinvent yourself takes a Loving Mirror, because we need others to show us Who We Really Are.

Having someone believe in you allows you to get rid of the “head trash” that’s been holding you back.

3. Install your Systems of Support. Just like your house or your body, your life is comprised of Systems that must function properly so you can reinvent yourself. The Five Essential Systems of Support are: People, Activities, Environment, Introspection, and Simplify. If even one of these Systems isn’t installed properly, you’ll have a hard time reinventing yourself. Make sure that all of your Systems are running smoothly and you can reinvent yourself with less time, money and effort. 4. Perform Goal Replacement Surgery. Are you going after goals you don’t want any more? What about someone else’s goals you’ve been going after? These are important questions when you’re trying to reinvent yourself. Many of my Students had to perform Goal Replacement Surgery when they realized they were going after something they didn’t want any more. For example, Tim Taylor realized he was going after something he didn’t want any more. After doing this step, he made over $500,000 in less than six months doing what he loved. 5. Find your Because. Most people don’t know why they’re here on Earth. This leads to feelings from stress and frustration to despair and helplessness. But you don’t need to be on that spectrum any more. Reinvent yourself with these simple, proven steps.

When you Find Your Because, you’ll realize that your true purpose is ultimately is to be Who You Are and allow yourself to prosper as you prosper others.



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