5 Skills Crucial for Success by Russell Foster

Russell FosterThe ultimate goal behind any business is to express your unique purpose. Being in the life coaching business, developing skill sets is the primary function of my work, so this happens to be one of my favorite topics. However, I am going to provide a different slant than most people. Wallace Wattles once wrote that success is simply being the person you want to be. Based on that definition of success,

I am writing this article with the simple, but profound idea that the ultimate goal behind any business is to express your unique purpose.

Therefore, the first topic I want to cover is the importance of being in a business that you love; one that allows you to express your unique purpose. I realize that to some this sounds a little airy-fairy and somewhat dreamy, however, the true meaning of success is doing what you love and making a good living doing it. In fact, nearly all of the skill sets you need to develop will come quicker and easier if you are passionate about what you do. Let me give you an example. NULL

Success Skill # 1 Do What You Love! One of my most interesting clients, Bob, is in his early 50s. Just a few years ago he was a successful surgeon, but due to an unfortunate accident he is no longer able to practice medicine in the same capacity. While this event happened over 10 years ago, he has been struggling to find himself, and to discover his unique purpose in life. When we first began working together he was torn between who he was years ago, and who he wants to be. Fortunately, like many tragedies, his story has a positive ending. I don’t have time to go into details, but in just a few short coaching sessions, we discovered, that he only wanted to be in medicine to please his parents. (Actually, he already knew that deep down, but now he is working on accepting it and creating a new path for his future.) Bob is developing a career as a public speaker and is very passionate about his new profession. Furthermore, his vast experience in the medical field and his numerous connections have helped launch his career. Sure, he has to learn new skills to be successful as a public speaker. However, now he is doing what he loves and having fun doing it. Success Skill # 2 Conquering Fear I don’t care what anyone tells you, one of the biggest skills we can learn is to make decisions without fear. Now remember, fear comes in a lot of flavors, so many that we can’t discuss them all. However, I would like to share a few that can really hinder your progress in any business.

Fear causes indecision and indecisiveness leads to missed opportunities. Successful people learn to make difficult choices, however, they don’t decide blindly or without any forethought.

Unfortunately, too much of the wrong kind of thinking is not good. It is so easy to get caught up in the “what if” game. The mind races with questions like, “what if I make a mistake,” or “what if things don’t turn out the way I want?” I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. Being careful is definitely an asset, however, to really be successful you must have the mindset that you can overcome any challenge, including making mistakes. Success in any business requires risk-taking and with risk comes the potential for mistakes. Remember, for the mind to search for creative solutions for any situation, and make good choices, it has to be free of fear. Success Skill # 3 Resourcefulness Beats Resources Every Time

In Many Ways, this goes hand in hand with skill #2, because when you focus on being resourceful there is nothing to fear. And when there is nothing to fear, being resourceful is more natural.

One of the key obstacles for any business is the need for working capital, which is one of many resources. Simply put, being resourceful is not limiting yourself what you have, its about knowing how to get what you need to succeed. As you probably know some of the most successful businesses began with a big idea and a little capital. And successful people know how to be resourceful and generate more. By the same token there are many business that began with massive amounts of working capital only to fail for lack of creative thinking. To use the example of my client, directly following Bob’s accident, he was afraid, because he felt that being a surgeon was his only resource. However, once Bob gave up on the idea of being a doctor, he allowed himself to be open to new opportunities. Remember, creative thinking is perhaps our biggest resource. Success Skill # 4 Crystal Clear Business Model All theory aside, it is time to get real. With the first three skills in place it is time to get serious.

The 4th skill is to have a constantly developing and crystal clear business model. Furthermore, this model must be something that can be put on paper.

In addition, it is something that needs to be checked, rechecked, and fine-tuned. And when I say crystal clear I mean the more details the better. Let me give you an example from my life. A few years ago, I developed what I thought was a clear model for my business. Essentially, I was a writer first, public speaker second, and Life coach third. To me, this was clear, and I spend my time and energy developing each aspect of my business accordingly. However, after about 2 years I began to struggle, and each part of my business was giving me trouble. In short order I became frustrated, but luckily after about a month or two of struggling, I decided to re-check my model. Come to find out, I really wanted to coach more, and write less. So I made a choice to flip my model upside down. I quickly added more coaching clients, and cut back on my writing time. Essentially, I had the same model only inverted. Luckily, once I made that switch, everything became much easier. I attracted more clients and my writing improved as well. Again, the key with any business model is to be crystal clear. Success Skill # 5 Mandatory 5 or M5 The next skill we are going to discuss is called the M-5, which is short for mandatory 5. And yes, if you have read my previous articles, I have mentioned this at least once. And if you are using it, then you know how powerful it is. In fact, it is so powerful that I am going to mention it again. Simply put, the mandatory 5 is a “must do” list.

This is not a list of things that would be nice to get finished, it is a list of 5 things that MUST be completed by the end of the day.

Like most tools and techniques, it takes time to really develop this skill, but once you fully understand its benefits, you will thank me. To clarify, the M-5 is a list of only high priority items that must be competed. You might even begin with 6 or 7 ideas, but the power is in cutting out it down to 5 and then prioritizing everything on the list, 1 being the most important and 5 being the least. Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to complete all 5. While this might sound simple, if used correctly it can be huge. Here is how it works. In the evening make a list of things that you are thinking about doing the following day. Then on a 3×5 note card, or something similar write the top 5 in order of importance and be honest about what is really important. That is the key. In the morning review your M-5 and make sure you commit to getting all items finished. Carry your card with you and refer to it until the list is finished. At the end of the day evaluate your results, and celebrate your achievement. And if you fell short, ask yourself, “Was it planning or was it execution?” Repeat the process every evening. You will be amazed with the results. Russell Foster Life-Coach/Public Speaker and Author http://www.russellfostermentoring.com


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