5 Success Habits from the Inner Child by Debra and Bradley Warren

Debra and Bradley WarrenOur children have given us the courage to take action on our dreams. Network marketing has given us the opportunity. It’s a family matter.  Our playroom. This is the place where it all began, our decision to get started in network marketing, and the place that continues to be the backdrop each day in the journey of building our family enterprise. Usually decisions are made in the boardroom, but our playroom is magical. There’s an innocence and high energy of youth that prevails among the four sky blue walls dotted with fluffy clouds.

This energy feels no boundaries or fears. It’s a place where dreams are made and the keys to success are abundant. This room is filled with tools that engage the mind of the entrepreneurial spirit.

 NULL Wooden trains are chugging around the tracks with confidence in their never-ending journey. Puzzle pieces are scattered on the floor ready to connect a vision of greatness. The art table is full of crayons, markers, colored paper, and scissors; all the tools to design and build a masterpiece. Books on the shelves are overflowing with promising stories of inspiration, wisdom, and adventure. It’s in this room that we find the wind beneath our wings and learn the most valuable lessons. As we play with and teach our children each day, we marvel as they problem solve, fearlessly try new things, act with determination and achieve new milestones. What would the little child who you used to be think of the person you are today? We’ve gathered great wisdom from our two little balls of fire as they have reminded us of Success Habits from the Inner Child.

  1. Forget about Paint by Number – Trust yourself and create your future.

    Paint a vision of the life you wish to lead. This will be your tapestry for inspiration and daily action.

    While duplication is a solid principle, take the outlines, instructions, and methods from others and design them to fit your strengths and style. Acknowledge all the creative tools and resources available to you and focus on the opportunity of what can be accomplished with your personal gifts. Goethe reminds you, “As soon as you trust yourself, you’ll know how to live.”

  2. Eat Your Broccoli – Embrace your inner courage as the banquet of life is spread out beautifully for you to explore. Be open to change and trying new things. Realize that change equals possibilities and an opportunity to grow your experiences and expand your world. Learn to live with the uncertainly at hand, yet act with boldness and confidence.

    Recognize that fear, change, and adventure are synonyms. Run toward the things that scare you most.

  3. Try, Try, Again – When faced with a challenge, focus on what’s right with the situation. Believe that solutions always exist, and keep looking for that next possible right answer. Commit to the results you’re looking for in all areas of your life. Move beyond your best and take yourself to the edge, spread your wings, lean out, and soar.
  4. The Bedtime Story – From a very young age, we develop the habit of reading a bedtime story. As parents we understand the importance of reading to our children and opening up a world of adventure, wisdom, and great lessons. This nightly reading ritual should never end. The books may look different as we mature, but the pages still embrace a journey to personal growth.

    Gaining knowledge is the responsibility of the person who wants to create their own life.

    Assume your role as a life-long learner. Invest in your personal development and cuddle up with a book that will challenge and transform your thoughts. Absorb the wisdom of the experts and implement what you learn. What book is on your nightstand?

  5. Get in the Game – Children never do anything in a small way. Their animations, expressions, and voices are vibrant.

    As an adult, you can’t play small on the field of life. Get in the game, play big, and give passionately to your dreams and the opportunity of your business.

    Be a champion for the successes of your team players. Take massive action and have fun.

A family friend and mentor once told us,“Success and growth occurs at the crossroads of courage and opportunity”. Our children have given us the courage to take action on our dreams. Network marketing has given us the opportunity. Reach inside, unleash your inner child and grab those wings of courage. As you do, you’ll begin traveling the road between who you are and who you will become. Embrace the journey! © 2008, Debra and Bradley Warren


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