6 Key “C” Components in Building Synergy in Your Team by Christine Campbell

Christine Campbell

In the past few months, twice a week for three months, I interviewed top leaders in the company I am in, and asked the same questions about how they started, why they got into network marketing, how they built their team. With a total of 10 questions, each leader was asked the same questions.  It was interesting to discover that even though each story was different, they all had the same things in common:

Each had either years of experience, or if brand new, had a terrific MENTOR with positive, vibrant energy and a game plan.

Each had a HUGE WHY.

Each had a SYSTEM to follow or created one that was easy to duplicate.

Each had a handful of PARTNER ASSOCIATES who saw the same vision, had a huge why, and all rolled up their sleeves to do their part as a UNIFIED TEAM.

They all had SYNERGY with their key builders.

Each leader sustained synergy within their teams because:

Trust among each other.

Frequent communication among each other.

Each leader team member understood their value and sense of self.

They had the same goals together.

They embraced new ideas continuously.

They understood that by working together they can accomplish more.

Each knew their role in the whole team and saw the BIG PICTURE (such as a basketball team).  They utilized the strengths of each team member and “WORKED IT”.

They respected each other.

What it boils down to is that with SYNERGY, everything is empowering! Relationships are built! Passion and excitement thrive continuously.  WOW!  The best part is to value differences, respect one another and build on strengths to compensate for weaknesses.

“Let us all be the leaders we wish we had.” — Simon Sinek, Author and inspirational speaker   



CONCEPTION: With your team builders create a launch huddle group to present the overview plan you want to present. Your job is to enroll them by including them. Ask the top three things they liked best. You want to find out if they are “IN”.  Ask for input. Discover each other’s strengths.  Best ways to kickstart are 90 day blitzes.

COMMUNICATION: Building Trust and Respect among each other by establishing great communication, (example) early morning leader calls, daily zoom calls for prospects, evening zoom calls for training.  Frequent communication is most important!

COALITION – Strengthening your leader base team.  Everyone should know their part in the leader base team, and everyone should have a part.  Someone who is great with presentations, or graphic designs, zoom guru, social media, etc, can pitch in, while others are great at phone calls, recruiting, selling.  The best team that I came across, is when all top five base leaders rolled up their sleeves and didn’t think about just building their own business… but building the entire team as a whole (in which each one benefited individually).  “Trust Plus” was established as well as transparency and everyone launched like rocket-ships!

CREATIVITY: Innovation. This is the most fun that builds synergy within the leader base team.  Having huddle sessions filled with creativity in looking for more prospects or keeping synergy within everyone’s downlines. Synergy Sells!  Everyone can feel the energy when they come across Synergetic Team Leaders! It is where the magic truly happens when the energy and creativity flow from dynamic leaders are in unison.

CONSISTENCY: Group and regroup to handle situations and changes that may happen. The key is to be steady on course regardless, as everyone has the unexpected happen.  As a close-knit team, it will be much easier to have a rule that it’s OK to disagree, and to work out a win-win scenario.  Being strong consistently will build everyone’s team.  Synergy will rise above anything and all will prevail!

CONQUEST: Visions that were created and goals achieved are accomplished by working with all of above key points.  It may be that these 6 “C” Components are put into a paper form so each team leader signs and agrees at the beginning just what is expected of them and vice-versa.  It is just like when working with future prospects as it is important that everything they see and learn about, you and your company is completely transparent.  This builds trust.  I have seen teams split up where no one is doing anything because miscommunication happened, and each one blames the other. The conquest is to build trust and do what you promise to keep that.  It works and it works like magic.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” — Henry Ford, American founder of the Ford Motor Company.

To sum this up.  I am grateful for the numerous interviews that top leaders have done with me, giving me their time and expertise out of very busy schedules. This article was written through their wonderful examples.  I am also extremely grateful for The Network Marketing Magazine Publishers, George and Debbie Madou, as they have created such a wonderful vast data base of fabulous content for new or seasoned network marketers all around the globe. This is definitely as MUST HAVE resource!

Christine Campbell
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