6 No Nonsense Questions to Finding the Best Business Opportunities Available By David Feinstein

6 No Nonsense Questions to Finding the Best Business Opportunities Available

Would you like to know a secret about finding business opportunities that you may not yet realize?

It’s really not a secret at all actually… it’s actually simply a No-Nonsense test. It’s a way for you to see if you’re really interested in finding a business opportunity or if you’re simply dreaming. It gets actually no simpler than this actually.

It’s actually a question that you can ask yourself and really think about, and then listen to yourself while you answer. The question is…

First let me tell you what you should be looking for when you’re on the search for business opportunities, just in case you’ve been chasing your tail around and barking up the wrong tree for years and years.

First off, what is it that you want?

What are your strengths and weaknesses in business? For instance, are you good at working with people on a team or are you better off left alone to work for yourself.

Second of all, what is your main goal…and be specific.

Are you looking to get rich by next month? Well guess what my friend…. if you had the same goal last month and you’re not rich this month then something that you’re doing isn’t meshing well. I think that makes sense. So are your goals sensible or are they illogical. Many people end up going nowhere in life because they have illogical goals and too high of expectations. It’s like eating an elephant…one bite at a time.

Third, how much are you willing to invest to get started?

Now this one actually has two meanings. The obvious one is how much money do you have to get started. The answer doesn’t matter, but the fact that you know the answer matters considerably.

The second part to that question though is how much of yourself are you willing to invest in the process from where you’re at right now, to reaching the next levels of success. I say levels because that’s precisely how you must break down the process, step by step. You can’t eat the elephant in one gulp, but you can chomp it down not only one bite at a time, but eventually whole parts of the elephant are gone. How much fortitude and persistence are you willing to put forth.

Now that you know more about yourself as it pertains to finding business opportunities,

the fourth question goes to the opportunities themselves…

The question is whether or not there is a legitimate product or service that the opportunity revolves around? If not run away. If so…and if it’s a product that changes lives then run toward it….

But don’t join until you know if it’s got number five.

Number five is whether or not there’s a system in place to train you to succeed.

Does that system include people training you who’ve been there done that, or people who are wishful thinkers like yourself? Will you be learning a system from the best of the best? A system that YOU can use just as well!

The last thing that you should be looking for – the sixth thing if you’re keeping track –

is how the heck you’re going to be paid. Are you going to be fairly compensated for the work that you do? Will you be paid for your actions once or over and over again residually? Which do you think is better? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out right?

Now let’s go back to the question I was going to ask you – the No Nonsense question that will tell you whether or not you’re really looking for an opportunity or are just being tire kicker…

If you found an opportunity that contained all of the criteria that’s just been presented to you to look for…a great product, training, and an opportunity to be tremendously paid would you act on it, or would you sit on it analyzing it to death until the next thing that came along?

If you’re ready to take action with one of the greatest business opportunities ever… that may likely never come your way again then click here now,  http://www.davidlfeinstein.com/index.php

You can analyze the opportunity more there, just don’t be a fool and not take action.

I’ll leave you with this famous quote by Dr. Martin Luther King: “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.”

Wishing you success…every day…
David Feinstein


David Feinstein

David L. Feinstein has been published by Pro-Publishing Company of California, for a series on Leadership books.

Exposure to business at an early age along with cultivation of artistic talent in writing is the background that David Feinstein brings to his business associates, prospective candidates and audiences alike. His experience throughout his career in sales and marketing and having owned and operated his own international accounting & financial management services company, is a key success factor in helping develop his international notoriety in the network marketing industry.

David and his wife, Ann have been significantly involved in direct marketing and direct sales for 21 years, serving as a distributor (team member), speaker, trainer, Top Leader, and author in the industry on a worldwide basis. Working together, they coach, mentor and train those seeking empowerment, greater self esteem and branding image, and training people seeking financial success and personal life freedom. David and Ann have grown their business that today spans over 40 countries with over 65,000 team members.

For more information go to: www.AnnandDavidFeinstein.com

Mr. John Fogg of MLM/Network Marketing, author of “The Greatest Networker in the World” has said the following about myself and wife/partner Ann:

“It's been a looonnngg journey from their "weird" first exposure to network marketing where Ann— a Park Avenue Research Consultant, and David— the owner of an entertainment management firm handling the careers of rock stars such as (the early) Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Michael Bolton, Cyndi Lauper, Phil Collins, and other famous others, found themselves at a meeting full of strange "new agers" from Sunrider— that was 21 years ago— to where they are today: Significant six-figure income earners with Agel Enterprises leading an organization of more than 65,000 people in 40+ countries around the world.

Above all else, Ann & David are focused on mentoring and leadership. Their combined expertise in recruiting, coaching, training and international development has made Ann & David much sought after direct sales business experts.

The Feinstein’s approach marries both classic MLM and the technology advances of the Internet and social media. The first people they have their new people speak with are family and friends, they do meetings, build for and around events and David even unabashedly asks people, "Do you keep your business options open."
David Feinstein
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