Tips to Make Your Presentations More Powerful By David Feinstein

Presentations are a deal-breaker for most people.

A bad presentation will turn prospects away from closing the deal. What is a bad presentation? One element is the lack of organization of the material.

The material is in the wrong place, incomplete or missing information. The overall look of the final content includes the format it’s presented in such as a video or slide deck. Bad sound or inappropriate background music. The lack of confidence or experience of the presenter. Weak opening or closing of the presentation or timing of the presentation.

Tip: Plan it out and review it over and over

Plan out the presentation weeks in advance.

This means working on it in small sections. Take time to write out the information for each sector carefully. If creating a slide deck, make each section short and include an image to help get the main point across. Break up each section according to the point. One section could be an opening, followed by the main pain point of the prospect with facts to answer the problem.

Once all of the sections are done, go back and organize them. If you are branding the business, use the right colors for each slide.

Make sure to edit and proofread everything at least three times. Save your work often.  Go over it and make sure it flows smoothly and images or graphics match the content. Remove or add sound as needed. Make sure the sounds are of excellent quality and do a practice review with someone.

Tip: Build Confidence with Practice and Close the deal Easier

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