7 Steps to Become The Irresistible Leader By Dorina Lanza

Having invested a couple of decades successfully building network marketing teams, I can tell you that there is one key that stands out.

That key is that if you want to build a big, strong, stable organization, that will pay you for many years, you must either recruit or build strong leaders within your organization. [And, you are better served to build your leaders instead of trying to recruit them – a subject for another article . . .]

In order to build leadership in your team, you must first become that leader – that irresistible leader who is like the Pied Piper. You will be someone worth following. People will just want to be around you.

To do this, you must set yourself up to stand out – to be remarkable. You must stand head and shoulders above other leaders in your company and even the network marketing industry.

The question then becomes: “OK, so how am I supposed to do that?”

I have discovered that there are seven steps you must take to become that irresistible leader.

Here they are:

  1. You must clearly articulate your market’s hopes, dreams, problems, and fears better than even they can. When you do this, your people will see that you “get” them and they will “lean in” to pick up what you are putting down.
  2. You must learn and articulate who you really are. What do you stand for? What is your vision for the world? What are your core values? What will you not tolerate?  Articulating these things will create direction, focus, and purpose for you and your team. Turn this vision into your call to action to inspire your people.
  3. Show up as the real you everywhere. Show up congruently in your meetings, writings, webinars, zooms, podcasts, social media, and website. When you are consistent in how you show up, people will get a clear sense of who you are. Some will run screaming in the opposite direction [LOL – yes, you will be polarizing – this is good] yet the ones who are ideal to work with you will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame. Curate how you show up in person or on zoom or anywhere else [dress, grooming, accessories, colors, patterns, zoom backgrounds, framing, lighting, facial and hand expressions, tone of voice, vocabulary, body language]. Doing this lets people’s perception of who you are, be consistent.
  4. Articulate your vision for your team and marketplace – why do you exist, what is the ultimate vision and goal for your team, what cause will others want to join? Shape your vision, hopes, and dreams for your eventual followers.
  5. Develop your Creation Myth. This is your Hero’s Journey of how you went from where you were to where you are today – yes, you want the most important ups and downs. Your ideal people will see themselves in your journey and will want to join you so that they can also get to where you are now with your help.
  6. The Velvet Rope . . . You probably know how exclusive venues have a velvet rope that is only undone to allow certain people in? You want to create something similar – a magical place that only the selected few are allowed into. This will make your people feel special, privileged, part of an exclusive group. Make people qualify to get in. If you do this right they won’t want to leave.
  7. Create raving fans within your team – they will spread the word about your amazing opportunity.

These steps may be simple but they are not easy to implement. You can start by looking to one of your upline leaders, as long as they have created such an environment, to be your guide. If you can’t find such an upline, look outside for such a person. They are out there. Such a mentor will get to your goal much faster. 

But, no matter how you do it, once you put these seven steps into place properly, you will find that your team, volumes, and income will explode.

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