7 Reasons Why You Should Advertise with Home Business Advertiser! by Bob Schwartz

Bob SchwartzWhy not go where the prospects are looking? Reason #1 – Print Media Isn’t Dead. It’s Alive & Kicking! It was over 20 years ago when we heard that we were going to have a “paperless society”. No more printing. No more mail, etc. Although it is true that digital media is growing, print media is still one of the most cost-effective ways for you to reach your target market. HBA is one of the few magazines that specifically help you, the networker marketer, get your message delivered to over 25,000+ qualified prospects, six times a year! Reason #2 – 25,000+ Prospects Have to Read or Scan Our Magazine Because it Arrives in Their Mailbox! Have you ever walked to your mailbox, reached inside, and not looked at your mail before you either opened it or threw it away? Try it sometime. It’s impossible to do. NULL

Readership matters. And, our magazine gets read, unlike many emails or even pay-per-click ads. As a bonus, we also post an online “digital copy” of each issue, which exposes your offer to over 3,000 online subscribers! Reason # 3 – There’s Less Competition in Your Mailbox than Your Inbox One great thing about direct mail is that there is less competition for your offer in the mailbox than your inbox on your computer. Just think about how many email messages you receive in a day. Do you get that many magazines in the mail each day? Reason #4 – HBA Can Help Drive Traffic to Your Website! Studies show that 67% of online search is driven by offline messages; 39% ultimately make a purchase. With HBA, your prospect can and will come back to your ad more than a half dozen times in a 60-90 day period. Your opportunity and your website and/or phone number will remain in clear sight for them to take action, even months after the magazine has arrived. Reason #5 – HBA Can Design Your Ad! One benefit of advertising with HBA is that we will design and typeset your quarter, half or full-page ad for FREE when you advertise. So send us your offer and leave the creative genius to us! We will make your offer look great! (Thank you Maria! ) Reason #6 – You Can Co-op Your Ad in HBA to Help Your Team Grow At HBA, we can help you organize your own ad co-op so you can help your downline get moving by getting fresh leads specific to your opportunity into their hands. By doing a co-op, your team members can share the cost of an ad, and you can find out who is ready and willing to work to build their business! (Ask Kyle Schmalhofer or Tom Ivey to help you with this!) Reason #7 – Repeat Advertisers Can’t Be Wrong! Up to 80% of our advertisers renew with us time and time again. . . because advertising works! Think about it! Our advertisers wouldn’t be renewing if it wasn’t paying off for them. Go ahead and thumb through our past issues. You will see that the overwhelming majority of our advertisers run their ads issue after issue after issue. <>< * * * Our NEXT issue, May 2014, closes April 7th. Get started today! Call Bob Schwartz at 717-426-2438 or visit: www.homebusinessadvertiser.com


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