95% Failure or 100% Success…It’s Your Choice By David Feinstein

95% Failure or 100% Success…It’s Your Choice

So, do you believe that there’s a right way and wrong way to build your Network Marketing business? 

I do.  I’ve spent together with my wife, the past 30 years in the industry building large global organizations… and frankly we’ve done it the “old fashioned” way.  Sort of … “one by one, by one by one”, you know, “belly to belly”.  And quite frankly although we’ve achieved great success, we know today that it was the SLOW way to build our business.

And you’re saying to yourself right now…OK, what’s he talking about?  Well the truth of the matter is that the industry has a failure rate of about 95% using strategies that just hasn’t worked really well for “Joe or Jane average”.

With the advent of the Internet and using some of the old strategies, you can create a great marketing campaign to help build your MLM business.  Now let’s get clear here for a moment, another way of expressing the Network Marketing or MLM industry is referring to it as “Relationship Marketing”.  Well, isn’t that what we’re all doing?  Aren’t we all focused on developing relationships with our “prospects” and “candidates” … rather than trying to just sell them?  Yes folks… it should always be about developing a relationship with those people who will join you in your business and become part of your “team”.

Many people are still out there buying leads from various sources and finding 95% of the people they speak to, just aren’t interested in what they are marketing or even what they have to say.

This of course contributes to that 95% failure rate in the industry. 

My friends, this is the same way all successful businesses are built… creating a huge supply of interested people who want to talk to you… prospects and leads who are interested in what you have to offer and what you’re marketing.  I liken it to trying to kiss a girl… it’s a heck of a lot easier when we’re both moving in the same direction towards each other. Quite frankly this is the “holy grail” of Network Marketing for everyone.

Just imagine a big FUNNEL and having all your prospects moving down your marketing funnel… never having to call someone who isn’t interested in your business again and exploding your business without having to resort to painful and unwanted cold calls. And, imagine when you do call people, half of them are excited you are even calling them. When was the last time you called a prospect and they knew who you were, why you were calling, and were impressed that they were getting the chance to talk with you?

You see, the essence of every successful business in the world is learning how to Market.  Once you learn how to market, you can create an endless amount of resources to grow your business at will.

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David Feinstein
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