A 5 Step System for Discovering the Beliefs That Hold You Back By Steve Taubman

A 5 Step System for Discovering the Beliefs That Hold You Back

Kathleen Heyn made a wonderful contribution to More Build It Big in which she described the importance to direct sellers of “peeling the onion.” She explains that our beliefs exist in layers, and that our deepest held, or core, beliefs drive us inexorably toward success or failure. Those beliefs, she asserts, come from past experiences which are filtered through our emotions to create perceptions, which eventually become beliefs.

It’s impossible to generate true and lasting network marketing success in the face of negative beliefs.

The in-congruence will either stop you completely, impact others at a subconscious level, or tear you apart as you try to be something that inside you don’t feel you are.

So, how do you begin to unravel the negative beliefs which are sabotaging your home-based business success? Here’s a powerful system for doing just that:

  1. Develop awareness of your own comfort level. Know when you’re in a situation that doesn’t feel good, such as when you’re recruiting or selling.

  2. As quickly as possible after leaving that situation, write down the exact circumstances, describing the emotions you were feeling.

  3. Realize that you, not the situation, created the emotion based on unexamined beliefs.

  4. Write “The reason I created the feeling of __________ when I was _______________is that…”

  5. Quickly begin to write completions to that sentence over and over again for a minute.

What you’ll discover is that hidden below your conscious filters are all the answers you need to what beliefs are running your life and standing in the way of your direct selling success. The answers you write may surprise you. You may find that you’ve written things like, “…it’s not OK for me to be successful,” or “…I don’t want people to think I’m pushy.”

Realize that those beliefs may seem very real to you, but they’re just interpretations of reality that you created, probably when you were very young and hadn’t the benefit of a broader perspective.

Once you’re aware of what those beliefs are, you can get to work re-scripting and re-framing them to arrive in a more resourceful place, ultimately becoming the powerful business owner you deserve to be!


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