A BETTER YOU! By Helen Ober


    As a network marketer, we have been described as being ’unique’. That can have multiple meaning, both good and not so good, none of which really matter. It is much more vital how we each see our self. Every person IS unique and in order to strive to be the best you can possibly be, it takes being intentional. Where are you now? What is working? What is not quite right YET? We are all always in process when we are intentional. Everything in our world is in constant state of change. Therefore, in order to keep up and be relevant, we too each must keep changing. I personally like to think I am changing for the better and in the right direction. That is not always true. However since I believe, there is benefit to even the mistakes, I appreciate even restarting and rebooting at times.

   I completely believe, for me, network marketing is the best choice.

While raising our children, I constantly said I had the best of both worlds. I was home during the day, our children witnessed how to build a business and was out at night when my husband could have time with the children. Network marketing is not easy or even for everyone. However, keeping an eye on the benefits when being self-disciplined and organized, makes every part of it worthwhile. Having control over how much time and money I created, resulted in qualities within me being developed. Had I instead been working for someone else that told me what, when, and how much I had to do may not have emerged the same strengths from within me.

   Believing that human nature is to have desire and urging to always be developing, there is no better way to have opportunities to stretch beyond what was ever conceived as being possible than being in business for yourself, within network marketing. Human nature also includes free will to make choices.

Make the choice to engage, step out, and take the risk of becoming all you have been designed to become. You will not look back instead will embraced every new day with zest and excitement!


A Better You – Helen Ober

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