A Better You? It’s Not Supposed to Be About You! By Clifton H. Jolley, Ph.D.

A Better You? It’s Not Supposed to Be About You!  By Clifton H. Jolley, Ph.D.

You can have everything you want in this life…

if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

          —Zig Ziglar

 Everyone who remembers Zig Ziglar remembers that statement…but many get it wrong. And when people got it wrong, Zig was genuinely upset. Because his emphasis always was on the other people…but he came to realize that many who pretended to follow his inspired motivation were interested in others only as a means to their own ends.

 We live in a time of “Selfies.” YouTube should be called “MeTube.” Facebook should be “MyFacebook.”  And, for that matter, MLM always has had a component of “recognition” and “personal development” as part of the motivational mix.

 But for a long while in the beginning of our business model—back in the 1950s—that interest in recognition and development was outward-facing. My Aunt Delilah did a lot of recognizing the Shaklee Distributors in her organization, but she refused to get on stage herself. “It’s not about me,” she would say. And for that humility, she earned the recognition and respect of thousands in her organization.

 One of the chief differentiators between MLM in the USA and some European countries is that some companies new to MLM do not understand the importance of recognizing the other person.  Not long ago, I attended a European conference where the only person consistently on stage was the founder of the company: no Distributor recognition; no testimonials; no sense that anyone other than the founder was involved in the company…except for the several thousand Distributors cheering in the arena.

 Contrast that with the natural humility we find expressed by MLM companies in Asia where it is difficult to get founders and CEOs even to give a brief address, much less hijack the spotlight for themselves.

 And the misfortune of companies that do not respect or understand the importance of the individual Distributor has found its way to the egos of many MLM “leaders,” sponsors and upline who begin to act more like companies than mentors, seeking ever-increasing compensation for themselves, whatever the impoverishment of Distributors just entering the business or matriculating through the middle ranks of field management.

 Zig Ziglar used to say that “Good luck is God’s way of staying anonymous.”

 That’s a lesson that could well be learned by many MLM leaders who have forgotten where the real power of our industry is. The success of any company depends not only on the inspiration of talented leadership, but on the enthusiasm of those who bring their hopes and dreams to us, confident we will not betray them for our own benefit.

 Anyone who knew Zig Ziglar knew he’d be out there helping the other guy or gal whether there was anything in it for him or not.

 And that’s the way we all should be…if we are going to be true MLMers.


A better You_ It’s not supposed to be about you. C.Jolley


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