A CLASSIC by Ghazala Jabeen – What does an Hourglass, a Bell, and a Diary have in common?

What does an Hourglass, a Bell, and a Diary have in common? 

These three things have one thing in common, ‘Time Management Strategy.

As a Business Professional, I have been juggling time more than a clown juggling his balls. It’s a story of our lives. We all know and hear it often said that we all have 24 hours per day and to use this time wisely. We hear it, we listen, and we agree that it makes sense, so why is it that we keep struggling to get things done and being left STRESSED!!!

Is it that we

1 – Take on too much (saying YES to too many things)

2 – We don’t plan well (although we mean to)

3 – We don’t know how to delegate

4 – We don’t know what the best solution is to manage time

5 – We are too busy to implement a solution

6 – We overthink things which costs us time

7 – We spend too much time scrolling on social media

8 – We spend too much time with the wrong people

And the list goes on.

One sentence I use that has helped me to curtail wasting time is this.

 ‘Is what I am doing or who I am talking to getting me closer to my goals?

Then I answer myself honestly and adjust my actions accordingly.

Let’s return to the Hourglass, the Bell, and the Diary.

The Hourglass, the Bell, and the Diary

The Hourglass: This was a gift given to me by my friend Emma. She could see my health was worsening because I was working too hard, and the stress had worsened. It’s a 15-minute Hourglass timer, so whenever I find myself rushing, stressing, and juggling too many things, I take the Hourglass and turn it over and breathe into an excellent relaxed state of mind. 

This Hourglass strategy has allowed me to pace my work and breathe through stressful times.

The Bell: This was also another gift given to me recently by a special lady called Zelda. She has helped me through my grieving process. The idea with the Bell is that when there is a sense of overwhelm, I ring the Bell a few times, leave my office, and physically move to another room to take that much-needed break. I do this for either 15 minutes or, if too heavy of a situation, I take 30 minutes break. This Bell idea has also been a great help from physical movement and different scenes to help reduce the overwhelm.

The Diary:  Well, these days, we either use our mobile phones (inc Apps), laptop (various Software like Trello), or the old-fashioned desk diary. Every Sunday (my quiet time), I sit and plan my time off my to-do list, appointments, callbacks, and availability for new clients or new tasks, and this keeps me on track. My Diary has helped me create boundaries of people not taking too much of my time. I schedule timed appts and let people know I have 30 minutes or 1 hour with them until my next appointment. Blocking these time slots is a mixture of personal and professional time, thus allowing me to create the ideal work-life balance.

If I ever lose track of time or my simple system, the minute I realize it, I put myself back on track every Sunday evening.

That was brief on how I have time to work in my favor and not in favor of others, and you may choose a few different resources or even a business mentor to keep you accountable for your time and how you manage to work with it wisely. I hope that helps, and I would love feedback from fabulous readers. If you want a few of my other tricks and tips, email me or book a FREE strategy call with me so I can guide you to some different great ways to get the best of your 24 hours per day.

I give much respect, as always.

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