Three Steps to Win in Life A Classic by Zig Ziglar

There are lots of steps and sub-steps you have to put together when you begin to plan your success, but a few things are foundational.

Planning has to be based on getting a clear vision of what you want because, without a vision, you don’t know which goals to set.

Without goals, you have no targets, and without targets, you have nothing to measure how you’re doing. So, you can see how important a vision is. Getting a clear vision for your future is also important because it plays a huge role in the creation of desire! Did you know that desire is the mother of motivation? Desire is the “want to,” and the motor that fuels and powers sustained success.

I have called these qualities the foundation stones to any lasting success. You can develop each of these qualities in your life as you prepare to become the winner you were born to be.

Step Two: Preparing to Win At first glance, you might think planning and preparing means the same thing. I admit they might look like they are first cousins, but I see preparation as much different from planning.

Preparation is a matter of equipping yourself to win with the right tools, knowledge, and support it will take to turn your dreams into plans that will make your vision into reality.

You need the right knowledge to win. • You must continually raise your personal performance bar. • You must acquire tools that help you work better and faster. • You have to practice your skills. • You have to surround yourself with positive influences and people.

In summary…

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Zig Ziglar
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