A Deep Dive Into Attitude By Shiera O’Brien

Designing a Robust attitude for your business.  Find the one that brings you more opportunities and abundance in 2022.

You might look into 2022 and say to yourself “this year, it is definitely going to be different. I am going to go for it for sure, this year. Change the world, work hard, be successful in my business.”

Is this going to be enough to change your 2022? Do you notice how many people with great intentions live the same year, from one year to the next? I am definitely one who did that in the past. So, if I were to coach you today on how you can revamp your attitude in a practical way that could generate different results. Would you believe me or be skeptical about that?

We all have an Attitude!

So, when someone says, “you have an attitude” you can agree. Take a look at your attitude and notice how you are bringing it everywhere you go. Get familiar with how you have built your attitude to selling, to your customers, to network marketing. Do you notice how you respond to other people’s attitudes? Is your attitude dynamic and adaptive or fixed? Does it serve you?

So, if we were to design an attitude for the network marketing business, that works for the business and the people in it, what would that be like? Yes, I am asking you questions to start the year, but as a sales coach, I continuously live in the question to help others have more awareness of what is going on internally in their world and what needs to change, if anything, to get a better result.

The Multi-levels of Attitude

I never knew how layered and complex an attitude was until I did a deep dive into the world of coaching, and more specifically the world of Neuro-Semantics. Neuro-Semantics is the study of how we give things meaning through our language and how we speak our thoughts and feelings into reality. You can classify an attitude as positive or negative, but what are the layers involved either?

 Our thoughts and feelings show up as a way of being, which we can call an attitude. Your attitude affects your behavior and how you show up with others. A long-standing attitude then becomes part of what you call your personality. If I were to meet the most productive, generative attitude in the network marketing business, I would notice things how the person with this great attitude is making it work for themselves and others. I would name the states and attitudes in front of me. It helps me get a great understanding of the business owner in front of me.

Sprucing up your attitude

I speak from the experience of testing the waters in a number of network marketing businesses. I always get excited by great business models, quality products, the opportunity to grow a business and share the joy and success with others.

I have met many wonderful people in the network marketing field. I was constantly surprised by how fickle my attitude to the business of network marketing became after the novelty began to wear off. We know that feeling of excitement when we first learn of the opportunity. We begin to imagine great success.  I noticed in myself, I would swing from being wildly excited by the possibilities and the opportunity and slightly put off by the behaviors exhibited by some people in the business, including my own. I then gave it some thought and wondered if I could bring my understanding of the science of Neuro-Semantics to design a few states or attitudes I could count on to create great sales conversations, get better results and embrace the opportunities the business offered.

A Designer Attitude in five

So I designed my own top five states to help me create and grow opportunities. I tested them and discovered some that worked for me, interchangeably.  My personal top five states or attitudes I designed were these; the attitudes of Know-nothing Curiosity, Resilience, and Tolerance of Discomfort, Aligned to Integrity and Authenticity, Mindful Mental Control, and Courageously Playful. Let me share what they look and sound like.

Know-Nothing Curiosity

This is a great way to begin a conversation, with a beginner’s mind. You know nothing about the person, and you are intensely curious. With that curiosity, you must bring deep, active listening, closing off your mind to your own thoughts and ways of seeing the world.

This is the starting point for unlocking the world of the person in front of you. From here you can ask questions that allow the person you are speaking to get excited about sharing who they are, their story, and how they like to buy and commit to a purchase.

It is the magic that builds the relationship. Get fiercely interested in the other and resist that burning temptation to go into opportunity-selling mode.

Resilience and Tolerant of Discomfort

This is your lightsaber. No matter what is going on with the buyer, you can bounce back. Be in a state of noticing everything, allowing every response the buyer has, no matter what they say, do, or resist.

Stay in your state of allowing. Get comfortable with discomfort in the conversation. Practice being completely at ease with what they say and do, even if it is a flat-out No. It will help you design better ways to have conversations, knowing that you should expect resistance. Let their resistance build your resilience over time.

Aligned to values of integrity, authenticity.

I am a huge proponent of working from my authentic self. Let people see who you are with your vulnerability and your intention to be as real as possible. Show up with integrity, deciding that you want to help your prospect or buyer understand themselves in their own story and buying patterns.

Too often, the people with questionable integrity have sold something somebody really did not feel strong enough to say no to. It often means others in the industry get to clean up the collateral damage. I encourage you to stay in that place of integrity and pace the state of your buyer.

Read the buying signals and dial back your pitch if necessary.  Then notice how happy they are to make a commitment. This is also one way to contribute to the reputation of the industry. Others will thank you for it.

Mindfulness with mental control

No matter what happens in a call or a meeting, stay in a strong state of awareness, notice your own internal dialogue throughout the call, and how calm or centered you feel. If you can bring a strong state of mental control, keeping the mind quiet and listening, instead of commenting on what is going on, you will feed your resilient, authentic, curious attitudes in a powerful way.

The goal is to stay in that silent, listening, mindful state or attitude that is ready to follow the buyer’s story and their willingness to buy. It stops you have to rush to get them to sign on your own dotted line.

The buyer always closes the sale. With the states and attitudes, you can coach or ask questions to move the needle to the place where they are more likely to make a decision that supports both of you.

Courageously Playful

This is a willingness to experiment, in a cheerful and playful way, while taking risks with the conversation. I love to play with language and try out some different challenging questions in a playful way.

With great rapport, you can ask a prospect anything and get more from their story than if you played a carefully, rehearsed game of selling. My most story-opening question is, “What prompted you to….” I encourage you to be courageous and ask questions you have never asked before. You might discover an easier way to bring on new customers.

This collection of states can coalesce positively into your new attitude or your behaviors in selling, educating, and sharing what you have to offer.

These attitudes create an approachable, open, curious salesperson, who will always come away with more from the sales conversation than just the sale. We always hope it will generate a sale, but sometimes it is a wonderful human interaction that stays with us for a long time. Each one will contribute to you becoming an authentic professional, where people might get more curious about how you grew your customer base, your client community, and your success.

I hope you try them out in 2020 and watch how changing your attitude can change your life, your business, and the people industry that is network marketing. What will be your Chief Operating Attitude be in 2022?

Happy New Year.

Shiera O'Brien
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