A MESSAGE FROM A PRODUCT EXPERT – TruRelief for Discomfort by Kendell Peterson

TruRelief is a highly effective product for the relief of minor AND major discomfort using a unique technology.

> Specially formulated for back discomfort

> Provides rapid relief to the back and other areas of the body

> Non-Transdermal – No drugs or chemicals: Nothing enters the body. Can be used with any other medications. Clinically tested and proven to be 100% safe for men, women, and children!

How do the discs work?

To help understand how the Disks work, imagine that the body is covered with numerous intersections that help communicate information to maintain healthy functioning. Different intersections have different functions, such as regulating sleep. (This is an underlying theory of acupuncture.) Think of these intersections as antennas that keep the body in tune. When the body is out of tune, or sick, Trujivan Discs clarify the signal being sent through the antennas and in turn, help the body heal itself.

The discs have been designed to interact with the energy that the body naturally generates.

How do I use the discs?

For best results, the Relief Disc should be placed directly on the affected area. If possible, place 2 discs on either side of the area (If a shoulder problem, place one on the front and one on the back). If the spine, place 2 discs on either side of the area.

For the Relief Disc, results will normally be felt within a short time.

In some cases, it will not completely remove the discomfort, but it will diminish it significantly.

How long do the discs last?

We recommend changing relief discs whenever the discomfort returns. The charge never goes completely away, but steadily diminishes over time. Discs activate when within a couple of inches from the body and stop when moved away. So, do not keep a large supply in your pocket. For Relief discs, change them when the pain returns. This is usually after about 3 to 7 days.

Are there any tips to improve the use of the discs?                        

For Relief discs, 3 things help with the effectiveness of the disks,

* Location: Place the disks near the area of discomfort.               

* Duration: Keep the disks on the area of discomfort.                   

*Hydration: Drink plenty of water, throughout the day. This aids in the healing process. 

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