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Trujivan is extremely excited to team up with the premier network marketing resource in the industry.

Teaming up with The Network Marketing Magazine, especially on this milestone issue of the 200th monthly anniversary is an honor for our company and all of our members.

Sharing this space with the very best of the trainers that have taught the top leaders in the industry, gives our members an unfair advantage of being taught by the best of the best. Legendary names like Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley, Brian Biro, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter and so many more, makes me jealous that I didn’t have surrogate upline mentors like these when I started off years ago.

I am proud to offer our monthly newsletter attached to this great resource of over 3800 articles, covering every subject needed to become proficient for financial success in anyone’s business, willing to learn from an army of the greatest teachers and mentors.

Every month you will hear from me, exciting news about what we are doing to help you grow your business with our great company.

You will hear from of the greatest marketers, both from within our company and some of the best who write for this magazine, on how to market your products and grow an effective successful team.

Every month we will have a product expert, doing a deep dive into that month’s product, so you will feel comfortable promoting our great products.

Last of all, is my favorite. It’s our recognition section. This is where you will see your name as you advance in the company. You are the most important part of this business.

You will see your name in this important magazine from the time that you join us and through your journey to the top.

It is my honor to team up with The Network Marketing Magazine and offers you the best resource the industry has to offer. As an international company, we have chosen this magazine to partner with because it is more than a magazine. It is a resource available to all of our members, no matter the country they are from, they can, with a click of a button on the home page, turn all 3800 articles into 120 different languages.

You can do a self-directed study on subjects that you want to learn from the best, by using the search feature on the home page.

Welcome to the Trujivan co-branded edition of The Network Marketing Magazine!

Here’s to your success!


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